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Types of Professional Online Call Center Software Solutions

Types of Professional Online Call Center Software Solutions

This article covers various types of professional online call center software solutions present in market. Some of these are Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Predictive Dialer, Call Center Monitoring, Call Accounting Software, Call Analytics. We will discuss these one by one. You can choose from these as per per your need.

First, lets understand what is a professional online call center software solution?

Call center software is the software system that allows a company or organization to run a call center.

There are hundreds of different providers of call center software across the globe, and every call center software system has its pros and cons. When selecting the right call center software for your business, contact center, or call center, it's important to decide which features you want your phone system to have.

Types of Professional Online Call Center Software Solution

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
2. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
4. Predictive Dialer
5. Call Center Monitoring
6. Call Accounting Software
7. Call Analytics

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): ACD helps productivity by assigning inbound agents to incoming calls. The automatic call distributor uses a set of instructions to determine who gets the call in the system. The algorithm can route calls based on agent skill or whoever has an idle phone. ACD can use caller ID or automatic number identification, but usually interactive voice response is enough to help the system determine the reason for the call.

2. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): An automatic call distributor can also take advantage of computer telephony integration. Agents can receive relevant data on their computers along with the incoming call.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Computer telephony integration is a broad category of software that connects telephone and computer systems. Computer telephony integration software can have both desktop and server functions. Various applications make up a system that can control phones, display call information, and route and report calls.

Interactive voice response allows callers to route themselves to the appropriate department or use the company’s database for assistance. More sophisticated interactive voice response systems can access accounts and perform certain tasks, such as activating a credit card through a bank’s phone system. IVR involves using dial tone multi-frequency or voice commands. In the VoIP industry, a PBX auto attendant is near interchangeable with IVR. However, auto attendants are not capable of speech recognition.

4. Predictive Dialer: A predictive dialer calls a list of phone numbers at once. Outbound agents are then connected to the numbers that answer. A predictive dialer uses calculations to minimize the idle time of agents and the potential of losing answered calls when no agents are available.

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Software Solutions

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Software Solutions

Following is the list of advantages of virtual call center software solutions available in the market. These call center software solutions provide you many kinds of inbuilt features like call center monitoring software, dialer software, online reporting software etc.


More active and targeted outreach, higher-quality calls. More sales calls and higher hit rates.


No infrastructure required.


Can I know how many calls was made today? Can I listen to some call recordings? These all are possible with customer call center softwares.

Scales easily from 1 to 10,000 users. Just add workstations as you grow.

Select your preferred calling method and start calling. System takes care of callbacks ...

Upload and cleanup contacts, manage staff, reports and call recordings.


Link SMS and email to outreach campaigns. Use as a standalone tool or on top of any CRM

You need just a computer, head phones and a normal internet connection.


You can get everything you need from customer call center softwares. Also operator services and lead databases.

Blended Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Blended Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Here is the list of features provided by blended online professional customer call center software solution.


Assess the quality of agent performance and the customer experience, and use recordings as supporting documentation for transactions.


Ensure a positive customer experience by silently monitoring agent conversations with contacts, whisper coaching and barging in when needed.


Gain insight into call center performance, using over 100 customizable reports on ACD Queues, Agents, Calls, Campaigns, and more.


Use personalized dashboards, views and alerts to monitor real-time call center statistics on ACD Queues, Agents, and Campaigns.


Maintain contact information and call activity so that it's available for IVR applications and at agents' fingertips while handling calls.


Build advanced software integrations on-demand call center software and other enterprise software applications.


Support virtual call center operations with a distributed workforce, flexible resource allocation, and new hiring models.


Leverage the low cost and high scalability of the internet for your phone calls, with crystal-clear voice quality.


Integrate websites so that visitors can request immediate or scheduled callbacks from your call center.

Outbound Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Outbound Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Here is the list of features provided by outbound online professional customer call center software solution.


Boost productivity by automatically calling multiple contacts based on estimated agent availability, filtering out no-party-contacts.


Increase productivity by simultaneously calling multiple contacts when an agent becomes available, filtering out no-party-contacts.


Automatically call individual contacts when an agent becomes available, filtering out no-party-contacts.


Automatically call individual contacts when an agent becomes available, filtering out no-party-contacts.


Enable agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts, with a web-based call center agent script tailored to the purpose of each call.


Operate multiple outbound and auto dialer campaigns using one or more lists, with robust contact filtering and dialing parameters.


Comply with applicable calling regulations by handling do-not-call (DNC) requests across your outbound and inbound operations.


Easily import outbound calling lists and contacts with a user-friendly wizard or automatically via FTP.

Inbound Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Inbound Online Professional Customer Call Center Software Solution Features

Here is the list of features provided by inbound online professional customer call center software solution.


Route callers to the right queue, with the right priority, and route them to the next available agent with the right skills.


Walk callers through self service applications or gather caller information needed to identify the best available agent.


Improve productivity by giving agents relevant and timely contact information, and integrate phone controls with your applications.


Provision new toll-free, international toll-free and DID numbers, or migrate existing numbers for your inbound call center.


Build sophisticated IVR applications that allow callers to create conference calls, by calling additional phone numbers to add participants.


Deliver advanced IVR self-service applications to your callers by enabling them to provide speech input in addition to DTMF.


Provide dynamic information to your contacts by automatically converting text data into spoken words.


Offer your callers an opportunity to leave voicemails for individual agents or the next best available agent.

9. PBX

On-Demand Call Center Software to your existing PBX infrastructure for advanced CTI, IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialing, and more.

Cloud Based Professional Online Customer Call Center Software Solutions

Cloud Based Professional Online Customer Call Center Software Solutions

With Cloud based customer call center solutions, you just need to focus on your Call Center, not your infrastructure.

To get started with the cloud based customer call center software, simply supply agents with computers, headsets and broadband internet connections, and cloud based customer call center will do the rest.

Cloud Based Professional Online Customer Call Center Solutions can be installed very easily and quickly. You can manage your agents and reconfigure your system at will very easily. Cloud based call center softwares keep your call center running 24/7 at the highest level of reliability.

With cloud based call center system there are no capital costs, no expensive infrastructure, and no leased phone lines. As an on-demand service, cloud based call center softwares response flexibly to any changes in agent staffing—peak times, seasonal campaigns, remote agents, outsourcing, and off-shoring.

Online cloud based call center softwares have easy-to-use tools that let you manage your agents and reconfigure your virtual call center quickly, effectively and on-demand. Cloud based call center infrastructure has ability to supply new phone lines and increased capacity on-demand means you can scale up or down at any time to meet your changing needs.

Need of Professional Online Customer Call Center Software Solution to any Company

Need of Professional Online Customer Call Center Software Solution to any Company

Professional Online Customer Call Center Software Solution are important for any call center providing inbound, outbound or blended customer call services. There are variety of customer call center software solutions available in market.

Whether your customer call center is inbound, outbound or blended, Professional Online Call Center Software Solution products include all of the features you need to run your operations effectively while lowering your costs.

For an Inbound Call Center, Call Center Software's easy-to-use IVR and ACD features give you the tools to provide exceptional customer service while lowering operational costs.
For an Outbound Call Center, Predictive Dialers keep your agents productive and increase your sales revenues.

Blended Customer Call Center system delivers the best of both worlds, offering fully-integrated inbound and outbound capabilities.

For advanced voice self-service applications, Call Center Softwares offer an IVR with Speech Recognition that delivers robust speech application technology with the same easy-to-use graphical user interface for development that is provided in the Inbound Call Center.

To optimize your staffing costs and improve agent productivity, Customer Call Center Softwares provides an integrated Workforce Management solution. And, for any call center operation, Call Center Software Quality Monitoring, Call Recording and Agent Scripting features help you ensure your operations run effectively.

200 Call Center Workforce Management Softwares and Solutions

200 Call Center Workforce Management Softwares and Solutions

Here is the list of 200 top and popular Call Center Workforce Management Softwares and Solutions. These softwares help in quality management of call centers. These call center softwares and solutions increase performance of call center. Some of the below softwares are hosted virtual call center softwares and solutions. Some are outbound and some are inbound call center softwares.

1. 01 Communique - Im OnCall

Secure web-based remote control of a customer's PC, within seconds of the customer's call for help. 

2. 1Call - Infinity

Hospital Call Center Software.

3. 3D Communications - 3D Communications

Serves as the key link between you and the solutions you need from the major carriers in the telecom industry today. 

4. Aastra Technologies - Centergy

Premise-based contact center for global enterprises with thousands of agents; handles more than 1.5 million busy-hour call completions. 

5. Aavaz - Aavaz

Web-based telemarketing software that enables you to run any calling campaign successfully. 

6. Abacus Group - Abacus Cloud

Open source billing management platform for PBX, VoIP gateways, IP phone systems, wireless, routers, data switches. 

7. ac2 Solutions - Advanced Workforce Optimization Portal

Call center forecasting and scheduling with advanced statistical and optimization technologies 

8. Acarda Sales Technologies - TeamMax OutBound Call Center

An outbound telemarketing call center. Check out our free trial.

9. ADEL Solutions - Contact Center Software

Hosted & Premised Solutions for Contact Center. 

10. Adiance Technologies - Sidance

VOIP call center solution for the contact center industry based on an open source, standard-based IP PBX, Asterisk.

11. Aheeva - AheevaCCS

Solution for your inbound and outbound calls with reporting and quality monitoring functionality.
12. Amcat International - Contact Center Suite

A multi-channel communication and call center management solution to manage contacts, information flow and work groups. 

13. Amcom Software - Smart Speech

Process a majority of routine phone requests independently of a live operator.

14. - Call Center Solution

Provides industry-leading IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and call center solutions that empower world-class customer service.

15. Applied Innovation Management - HelpDesk Expert for Customer Service

Complete customer service software solution for ticket, request, problem, and call tracking.

16. Artificial Life - ALife-WebGuide

A smart bot designed to answer questions and help visitors navigate your website.

17. astTECS Communications - Hosted Dialer / Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer/Hosted dialer/Call Center Software. Hosted, predictive dialer that can dial 10, 00,000 + Phone numbers daily. 

18. Austin Logistics - OnQ

Simplify campaign managment for dialers, real-time skip-trace, DNC compliant, auto-list rotation when quota is met. 

19. Avaya - CRM Central

CRM solution with call center and call management capabilities; handles telephone, Internet, fax, email, etc. 

20. AVIS e Solutions - Contaque

Blended contact center solution with IVR, ACD, and predictive dialing capabilities. 

21. AVOXI - Smart Queue

Call center solution using voice over IP for outbound telemarketing and inbound call center. 

22. Axonom - Powertrak

Call Center module brings Internet-based marketing, ordering and customer service options all day, every day.

23. Blue Feather Technologies - Blue Messenger

Real-time Contact Center Statistics. A unique combination of real-time statistics, presence and instant messaging. 

24. BMC On Demand - BMC Remedyforce Service Desk

Gives you out-of-the-box processes for incident management, self service, and inventory tracking for your help desk.

25. C3Gateways Services - ContactIP

Innovative customer-interaction software suite that maintains a natural flow and feel in a conversation. 

26. Calabrio - Calabrio One Suite

Redefines workforce optimization, allowing contact centers to personalize and optimize the Web-based workspace of each type of user.

27. Call Center Development Services - Centcom

Web-enabled predictive dialing service with agent reporting and campaign statistics.

28. Call Recording Solutions - Xtension Recorder

Professional digital call recording that fits any budget with the same features as larger systems with more flexibility. 

29. CallCopy - CallCopy

Call monitoring software includes screen capture, logging, liability recording and on-demand recording. 

30. CallFire - CallFire Cloud Call Center

Put your outbound dialing into overdrive with - upload contacts and in minutes, CallFire will connect your sales agents to live leads!

31. Carson, Dunlop & Associates - HORIZON

Home Inspection software. Web-based report writing system that includes field data collection with a convenient hand held device.

32. Castel - Castel Detect

Fully blended call center, collections center telephony software with a fast and accurate predictive dialer.

33. ChaseData - PowerStation

Predictive dialer software that combines outbound dialing, queued progressive dialing and managed preview dialing.

34. Cincom Systems - Cincom Synchrony

A Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution for contact centers that guides winning conversations with customers. 

35. Cloudtalk Media - Dialler

Pay As You Go, predictive / progressive hosted dialler. With no license, setup or support fees.

36. Collaboration Technologies - Realise Soft Dialer

Award winning outbound call center applications for 20 to 300 seats. Based on CTI protocols and offers.

37. Column Technologies - Column Case Management

Helps capture, investigate, and manage cases. Includes relationship mapping to license plates, people, etc.

38. Concentric Cloud Solutions - Cloud Voice

CloudVoice makes communication efficient for your business with features from interactive voice response to mass notifications. 

39. Connect First - Call Center Solutions

Cost-effective call center solutions including call tracking, interactive voice response, outbound auto dialers, and more.

40. Convergys - Customer Solutions

Software to manage interaction with clients and potential clients via online chats, email alerts, SMS notifications, and more.

41. Coordinated Systems - Virtual Observer

Call recording and quality monitoring, best value in enterprise-ready call center quality assurance and training solutions.

42. Creative Entropy - Squeeze Me In

Online appointment scheduling, call routing, appointment date, confirmation email, etc.

43. Crow Canyon Software - CCS Customer Service

Provides a powerful account, contact and ticket management that your organization requires to optimize call center/support activities.

44. CTI Software - Suite Answer Center

Call center solution with detailed management reports, call patching, customized text messaging.

45. Data Collection Resources - CEMS

Allows call center managers to gain a true understanding of the customer experience and manage their center efficiently.

46. Data Track Technology - Eclipse CMS

Call logging solution for tracking incoming and outgoing calls and generating reports that allow to connect call volume with revenue.

47. Database Systems - Telemation

Call center software that includes CTI Software, predictive dialers, IVR and ACD systems.

48. DATEL Software Solutions - Call SWEET! Worx

See every agent's phone activity without leaving their desks, increasing overall visibility while saving supervisors time and energy!

49. Daviker Group - TouchStar Dialler

Outbound dialing software with real time data management and call quality tools. 

50. Dial 800 - CallView 360

Proactive call tracking gives you real call volumes, buyer demographics, and recordings of every call you receive.

51. Dial Connection - DPTS

Advanced and innovative solutions for inbound/outbound call management for the collection industry. 

52. Dialexia Communications - HERO, hosted-PBX

Business voip hosted pbx phone system and virtual office solution for small business.

53. DialResults - Converged Communications Center Solution

Powerful, affordable solution for managing a growing contact center, enhancing customers' experience and improving agent productivity.

54. Digamma Software - GaleStream Call Center Software

Call Center CRM intended to equip your Agents and SAdministrators with a rich set of features right at your fingertips. 

55. DocuTime - TixTime

Software for effecient queue management, scheduling based on forecasts for optimal utilization, payroll integration, etc.

56. Drishti-Soft Solutions - AMEYO

DACX Ameyo Communication Suite is a comprehensive interaction management solution for the Contact Centers and Enterprises.

57. EagleIP - EagleACD

Call Center software on demand; includes Voice ACD, WebCHAT and Email-ACD over both PSTN and VOIP. 

58. Echopass - Call Center On-Demand

Supports local agents, remote agents, and multi-site virtual on-demand contact centers.

59. Enkata - Customer Journey Cloud

Connecting the dots between contact data and next best action, systematically improve the customer experience and lower costs.

60. Envision Telephony - Click2Coach

Provides call center supervisors with training, quality monitoring and evaluation tools.

61. Envox - Envox 6

Open, standards-based platform that reduces the time and cost of developing and deploying voice solutions.

62. Eptica - Eptica Outbound

Allows you to rapidly and easily manage outbound email communications with customers, to enhance service and maintain a relevant dialogue with your customer base. 

63. Exact - Synergy Enterprise
Web-based solution that includes e-documents, e-CRM, e-logistics, e-project, e-HRM, e-financials, and e-procurement. 

64. Exact Abacus - is a multi channel eCommerce solution with fully function stock control, warehouse management, supply chain and CRM modules. 

65. Firstwave Technologies - Firstwave Takecontrol

Call center based client-server application that allows cross-departmental sharing of information.

66. Five9 - Virtual Call Center

Hosted VoIP Contact Center - Inbound ACD, IVR, Predictive Dialer, Chat, Call Recording, and CRM 

67. Fonality - PBXtra
PBX phone system that runs on your server; includes VoIP, PSTN, unlimited extensions, voicemail, analog & IP compatible. 

68. Freedom Telework - Virtual Call Center Suite
A virtual call center that offers hosted call center solutions. 

69. FrontZone - GoldSupport
Customer support software, enables your customer support staff to store information for your customer support issues. 

70. Full Reach - Visibility Suite
Performance management reporting tools for contact centers. 

71. Genesis Communications - Genesis Communications
Hosted call center solutions. predictive, power, preview, inbound and blended modes. 

72. Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories - Contact Center Suite

Allows companies to take care of every customer, every time by sending them to the right resource at the right time.

73. Get On Fast - Phone Call Manager

Virtual switchboard software with customised greetings, call queuing and distribution, and line identification features.

74. GetAbby - GetAbby
Phone call tacking application for missed calls information capture and pick volume times identification and analysis. 

75. Green Workforce Management Solutions - EmPulse

Call Center Workforce forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, vacation planning, Agent Desktop 

76. Homisco - Fluency

Comprehensive call center software providing telephony and web-based communication for sales and service environments. 

77. Hornbill Systems - SupportWorks

Track service or help requests from customers or suppliers and automate processes needed to deliver service. 

78. Hosted Dialer - Hosted Predictive Dialer

Predictive and Auto Dialers - world class call center technology. With over 800 call centers and businesses using our solutions. 

79. Ifbyphone - Ifbyphone

Marketing automation software with call tracking, virtual receptionist, voice broadcasting, virtual call center, and call recording. 

80. inConcert - inConcert Allegro

A system that integrates with various front and back office programs and offers automatic call distribution, recording, and monitoring. 

81. inContact - inContact Platform

Customer call center software with voice response system, skills-based routing, speech recognition, inbound/outbound and call blending. 

82. Indosoft - Q-Suite

Scalable call center software with web based agent screens, skills based routing and queue prioritization, and call recovery features. 

83. Inova Solutions - Inova Desktop Presenter

Delivering call center metrics, statistics and messages directly to agents' desktops through tables, charts and virtual wallboards. 

84. Interactive Intelligence - Customer Interaction Center

Provides Microsoft platform IP communications solutions including contact and call center automation. 

85. Interface Business Solutions - Interface Care

A customer Care solution which is designed for the durables market. 

86. InVision Software - InVision Enterprise WFM

Web-based solution with forecasting, scheduling, adherence montoring, and analysis and reporting features. 

87. IPscape - IPscape

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Consulting for contact centres typically less than 100 seats. 

88. ISC Consultants - Irene

Proprietary adaptive forecasting, multi-media-ready, and real time management features. Available in ASP or installed. 

89. ISV - AVUS 21

Gives you a powerful tool set for managing the complete production workflow of your classified markets . 

90. IVR Central - IVR Central

Manage, measure and automate voice communications through our robust and reliable cloud-based platform while minimizing the cost. 

91. IVR Technology Group - IVR Technology Group

Providing Award winning Hosted IVR solutions and more. 

92. Jacada - Jacada Fusion

Integrates legacy applications at the CSR's desktop to achieve critical objectives for contact center operations. 

93. Jet Interactive - Jet Call Tracker

An online call analytics package, or dashboard, designed to provide users with state of the art reporting tools. 

94. Kana - Call Center Service

Leverages CRM, telephony, content and transactional systems to put service intelligence at your agents' fingertips. 

95. Kelmar Software Solutions - KSS Call Manager

Call center application designed to monitor call activity, manage results, measure performance, and generate reports. 

96. Key Computer Applications - KCA Enterprise

Links field service engineers through IT to your office based system and service desk staff. 

97. KiSpring - ASM Call Center

For small & medium sized businesses - offering an unparalleled communications system. Ready to be an integral part of your operations strategy. 

98. Knoahsoft - Harmony

VoIP-enabled solution with calls and other communication reviews, reporting dashboard and services-oriented framework. 

99. Knowledge Powered Solutions - Universal

Speeds an organization's data retrieval and includes access rights, searching capability and an "ask the expert" feature.

100. Kunnect - Automatic Call Distributor

Call queuing solution with skills-routing algorithms that ensure appropriate delivery of incoming calls. 

101. Lakshya - CallDesk

Supports in excess of 400 agents simultaneously. Integrates with virtually any enterprise-ready CRM. 

102. Latigent - BlueVue Reportal and Analytics

Provides customizable reporting for any data source, with turnkey solutions for most Call Center technologies. 

103. Leads360 - Lead Management Application

Web based enterprise lead management solution for mortgage, insurance, travel and other lead intensive businesses. 

104. LiveOps - LiveOps

Includes call center and contact center analytics and metrics, quality monitoring, reporting, and workforce management. 

105. LiveVox - LiveVox

The only SIP-based, on-demand, Outbound, Inbound and Automated Call Distributor solution for contact centers. 

106. LogMeIn - LogMeIn Rescue

Real-time remote control of a customer's computer over the Web. 

107. M5 Networks - M5

Connects calls and conversations to customer data in your CRM system for a richer and more detailed sales or service experience. 

108. Magnoware Systems - DataTrack System

Assign, manage, and distribute vast quantities of work requests without needing to enlarge technical staff. 

109. Manam Infotech - SpeechVox Interaction Center

Enables small and medium-sized businesses to integrate voice and data communications into a unified architecture with the power and flexibility. 

110. MDnetSolutions - The LeadTracker

A comprehensive, robust software program that fully manages and automates the patient lead management and intake process. 

111. Mekashron - Mekashron Call Center

Professional call center package with everything you need to manage your business and clients and take your business to the next level. 

112. Metaphor - Metaphor

Metaphor is software that lets companies engage with their customers however, whenever, and wherever they choose. 

113. mindSCOPE Staffing Software - mindSCOPE

Precision recruiting findware that automates resume entry and allows you to post job orders to your website. 

114. Mitrol - Contact Center Suite

Suite of software solutions to manage customer contact centers, including IVR, predictive dialing, analytics, CRM, surveys, and more. 

115. Monet Software - Monet Live

Could-based software with call recording, workforce management, performance management, and quality assurance features. 

116. Multima - NetKeeper

Automate day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, marketing, field service, help desk and call centers. 

117. NetLert Communications - N-Focus CMS

Summarizes and displays performance profiles of your call center agents, call center skill sets, and your entire call center. 

118. Netopia - eCare
Online interactive support that includes dynamic reuqest queue, chat analyzer, session recording and reporting. 

119. Netpro Technologies - Tentacle

Contact life cycle management tool for central and distributed call centers. 

120. Nexxphas - Cloud Services

Multichannel cloud-based virtual contact center solution with ACD, IVR functionality suited for at home agent model of employment. 

121. Noble Systems - Noble Solution Suite

Predictive dialer and ACD with, scripting tools, center resource management, and real-time reporting. 

122. Noetica - SYNTHESYS

The only Customer Interaction support software allowing employees to use a single system. Enables non-technical staff to map processes.

123. NomKa UK Communications - VOIP Call Center

VoIP call center solutions for businesses in the United Stated and Europe 

124. Nuxiba Technologies - CenterWare Inbound

Administer, control, and supervise all inbound calling activity. With voicemail call back features. 

125. OnviSource - OnviCord

Contact center product that provides all the functionality and features required to engage in comprehensive Workforce Optimization. 

126. OPC Marketing - Spitfire

Auto and predictive dialer, query based dialing, remote agent capability, drop-rate adjustable and monitoring. 

127. Packet8 - Complete Contact Center

Hosted Call Center Solution. 

128. PamConsult - TapiRex

Software for call identification and call monitoring. 

129. Paraben - Parabens Call Identifier

Identify incoming phone calls right on your computer.

130. Peak Software Systems - OrderCenter

Avoid duplicate data entry, track orders, manage large number of orders, scalable, customer history. 

131. Pilgrim Software - Pilgrim SmartComplaints

Provides a closed-loop mechanism that allows you to implement effective, timely resolutions to customer issues. 

132. Portage Communications - Call Center Designer

Very affordable workforce management software designed for small and medium sized call centers. 

133. Portakalofis - Supportalive

It is ideal for Mid-Large web sites, looking for a serious live support & visitor monitoring software. 

134. prairieFyre Software - Contact Center Business Edition

Mitel-based solution for small contact centers that allows agents to use PCs as IP-based phones. 

135. PrettyMay - PrettyMay Call Center for Skype

Skype Call Center software for Small Business - Auto-Attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Recording and more. 

136. Professional Resource Management - Agent Power

Call center agent scheduling, forecasting and historical statistics to improve service levels and productivity. 

137. Promero - Oracle Contact Center Anywhere

Call center software and systems for companies of any size - on demand, hosted, CRM, and predictive dialers.

138. Quality System Solutions - TMS

Software for small telemarketing and call center departments. Manage data, calls and callers. Optional scripts. 

139. ResponseTek - ResponseTek:CEM

Customer experience management platform that helps build customer advocacy and reduce customer defection. 

140. Returngoods - Returngoods

Integrated SaaS solution for managing product returns (RMA). Can be integrated into your call center or ERP database via VDS. 

141. Richmond Software - Richmond SupportDesk

Service Desk software for your IT helpdesk or Customer Support centre. 

142. RightNow Technologies - Call Center Software

Helps direct calls through the intelligent use of alternative channels for repetitive and easy-to-answer questions.

143. Riptide Software - Riptide Cloud

Unite client information, leads, properties, listings, and showings into one easy-to-use online application. 

144. Rostrvm Solutions - rostrvm call centre software

CTI-enabled call centre applications to enhance traditional telephone systems and to capitalise on the power of Internet Telephony. 

145. RPRealm - ProtCall

ProtCall is a complete solution for outbound, inbound and blended communications in your call center. 

146. S2L International - S2L by Phone

Voice lead response software tool that allows agents contact the buyer immediately after he submits and online form. 

147. Sage Software - SageCRM

Integrated sales, marketing, customer support and call center automation solution. 

148. -

Sales engine technology capable of dialing 400 calls per hour.

149. Satori Software - MailRoom ToolKit Capture

Helps you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. 

150. Saviom Software - Saviom Service Desk

Customizable software which enables organizations to record and manage service calls in an efficient and orderly manner.

151. SBS Group - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Modules enable employees to share information, improve sales and deliver consistent, efficient customer service. 

152. ScorpioSoft - Virtual Help Desk (VHD)

Web-based, platform independent, multilanguage application. Allows a company to manage its help desk, QA departments. 

153. Screenlogger - ScreenLogger

Screen logger for regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, performance evaluation, staff training, productivity and quality assurance 

154. Sentient - Scorebuddy

A Web Based Quality Monitoring solution for monitoring customer service which makes call centre performance management easier. 

155. Sigmanet - CPhone

Make calls from your computer and manage PBX functions through your desktop. Comes with automatic call identification. 

156. SKS Solutions - Agent Sensei

We put the expertise needed to meet customer requirements accurately and consistently into the system instead of into the agent. 

157. Software Marketing Associates - pro-mail

Completely customizable to fit any company or project, provides real-time tracking updates to report project progress to clients. 

158. Solusone - Call center software

An award winning call center software. Increase your sales, ask for the demo & feel the difference. 

159. SoundBite Communications - OnDemand Customer Communications

Makes creating and managing blended inbound/outbound customer communications campaigns easier. 

160. Spectrum Corporation - neXorce

Call Center Real Time Reporting Software via software to drive devices to display real time KPI¿¿¿s to call center managers and agents.  

161. SpiceCSM - SpiceCSM

On-Demand Customer Service Management Software.

162. Starre Enterprises - Star Call Manger

Call tracking software for small businesses. Assign actions to incoming calls, generate reports, track call volume. Starts at $25. 

163. Stollmann Entwicklungs - CallMngr+

Call management software with integrated voice over IP stack for networking devices. 

164. Stratasoft - StrataDial Virtual Call Center

Call center software including predictive dialer, inbound acd and call blending. 

165. Surado Solutions - Surado CRM

Surado's Best of Breed CRM helps achieve high value customer experiences and rapid ROI, driving growth and profitability. 

166. Symmetrics - nVISION Contact Center Performance Management

A complete reporting, analysis and performance management solution suite specifically designed for the contact center.  

167. Syntellect - Customer Interaction Management

Control all aspects of customer queue interactions, including voicemail, IVR and telephone responses. 

168. Sytel - Softdial Contact Center

Enables call center supervisors to analyze individual agent performance and managers to view each campaign performance. 

169. TASKE Technology - TASKE Contact

A flexible contact center management solution with real-time ACD monitoring and historical reporting capabilities. 

170. TCN - tcnp3
Sets the standard for call center optimization by employing proprietary algorithms and dialing logic with SIP/VoIP technology. 

171. Telecorp - Multiplatform Call Center Suite

Identify long-term telephone activity trends, monitor calls, and view real-time displays of call center activity. 

172. TeleDirect International - Liberation 6000

Scalable, predictive dialer call center solution that manages contacts and campaigns. 

173. TelStar Hosted Services - Blended Hosted Call Center

Blend inbound, outbound, and voice messaging campaigns as well as run multiple simultaneous campaigns to maximize productivity. 

174. TelStrat - Engage Record

Enables the user to capture telephone conversations for virtually any purpose. 

175. TempWorks Software - TempWorks Enterprise

A complete staffing software solution; fully integrating the front and back-office.  

176. TixTime - TixTime

Contact center time and attendance, scheduling, and employee management.

177. Trans Continental Technologies - Predictive dialers

Predictive dialers and call center software with IVR and voice broadcasting predictive dialer phone systems. CRM software and IVR integration. 

178. Transera Communications - Seratel

Adaptive on-demand virtual call center solution delivering the highest visibility and best customer experience at the lowest operating cost. 

179. TriVium Systems - CallAnalyst

Call tracking and management solution; tracks and analyzes telephone traffic, and spots excess usage problems.

180. U.S. Infotel - Cynergy Active Ticket

Web based service desk allows employees to access your contact database from home, office, hotel, airport, etc. 

181. UniPress Software - FootPrints

Streamlines and automates your help desk and customer support operations. 

182. USAN - Hosted Call Center

Enables call center managers to focus on call center metrics and call center performance. 

183. USAutodialers - Winleads

Make thousands of calls every day and prescreen potential clients for you automatically 

184. Varolii - Customer Service

Better Service, Better Returns. Varolii's Customer Service product offers the most cost effective, productive way to engage customers. 

185. Verint Systems - Impact 360

Gives visibility to your operations to improve back-office quality, productivity and process consistency and reduce costs. 

186. Virtual Call Center - Virtual Call Center

A hosted call center management solution with agent and supervisor interfaces, voice file recording and archiving, and call blending. 

187. VLR Communications - REVCORD

Full featured telephone call recording, LAN access, no license costs, no client software to load.

188. VMukti Solutions - VMukti Predictive Dialer

World's first open source Enterprise P2P Call center software. 

189. Vocalcom -

Comprehensive Outbound and Inbound, SMS, Natural language. 

190. Voice Print International - Activ!

Telephone call recording, screen capture and call center quality monitoring solution. 

191. Voice2phone Software - Voice2Phone Auto Dialer

Software for broadcasting voice messages by phone. 

192. Voicent Communications - BroadcastByPhone

A phone messaging solution for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose. 

193. Vortalsoft - Aspect call centre solution

Call Center/Customer Interaction Management solution your business needs to satisfy your most demanding customers. 

194. WCG - Elephant Call Management System

Call logging tool for tracking and allocating calls and costs associated with them, and performing tariff analysis. 

195. WebpageFX - CalltrackFX
You know exactly how many phone calls any one marketing campaign is generating. 

196. Westbay Engineers - Ansapoint

A forecasting tool that helps call centers predict how many agents they need in order to handle their call volume. 

197. WorksForce - WorksForce

Online motivational game for use in Call Centre and Telesales operations.

198. Xarios - Phone Client

A computer telephony integration solution that links with your CRM system and provides status visibility and call control. 

199. YTel - Ytel

Maintains both inbound and outbound call handling with skill and priority preferences.

200. Zeacom - Zeacom Communications Center

Organizes incoming calls based on parameters that you set, whether they arrive by telephone, email or the Web.

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