Tuesday 23 April 2013

How to crack a Telephonic Interview? Things to keep in mind while Telephonic Interview

How to crack a Telephonic Interview? Things to keep in mind while Telephonic Interview
A telephonic interview is usually organised to short-list candidates, to minimise the cost of conducting face-to-face interviews or to screen outstation candidates.
This is an important step for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Just as a personal interview, there are some basic dos and don’ts. It is very critical to follow these as the difficult task here is to impress the interviewer on the phone and hold their attention for the entire conversation.Therefore:
Be serious: It is a job interview at the end of the day. So first rule is that one must treat a telephonic interview just as one would treat a face-to-face meeting.This means keeping your resume handy, making sure you get the name and designation of the interviewer right and most importantly avoid multitasking.
The same rule also applies to an interviewer. The interviewer must spend some time before the call to study the resume and also must ensure that they are not distracted by any other work at that point in time.
Avoid distractions: It is important to choose a quiet place to take the call. You don’t want to be distracted by background noise. If possible use a landline to avoid call drops. If you are using your mobile phone, ensure that your call-wait facility is switched off.
For interviewer it is equally important to show seriousness. Don’t interrupt the call. This can be very discouraging to an interviewee.
Maintain the tone: The difficult task in a telephonic interview is that one needs to put forth their best voice. Yes, that’s right. That’s the only interface you have with your interviewer. So maintain a normal tone, don’t get excited and more importantly don’t raise your voice at any given point. Further it is important that the candidate speaks slowly and clearly.
Be positive: You have to be extra careful about expressing the right attitude. So, say your ‘hello’ with a smile. Studies have shown that smiling on the phones creates a positive image. Also, it kind of adds a spring to your voice, makes you sound professional and confident.
Listen intently: Listening attentively is an important aspect of an interview. This is more so in case of a telephonic interview. It is important to listen carefully and answering honestly. On a telephone any slight hesitation is evident. However, don’t jump to answer a question immediately. Listen carefully and articulate it well before saying out loud.
Lastly, don’t rush through the interview. Take your time, sound prepared, take notes, if required. This will help you to create a positive image. Also, remember since it’s a telephonic interview you get a chance to keep all the information you may require handy. This could be your resume, notes about the company, job profile and so on. This is your cheat sheet – use it wisely.

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