Monday 13 May 2013

Commonly Asked WPF Interview Questions and Answers (Part 2)

Commonly Asked WPF Interview Questions and Answers (Part 2)

I had written some basic WPF interview questions and answers in my previous article "Commonly Asked WPF Interview Questions and Answers (Part 1)". Now its time to dive deep into the WPF and explore some advanced but commonly asked WPF questions. I have written separate articles on following WPF interview questions, so I would not be answering these questions here but I would provide links for them where you can study them in detail. These WPF interview questions cover the concepts of Dependency and Attached Properties, Routed Events and Commands in WPF, Different Modes of Bindings in WPF, Static and Dynamic Resources, Window and Page Controls, Relations of Window Forms and Silverlight with WPF etc.

Following is the list of WPF interview questions and you can find detailed answers of these questions by clicking on them.

Well, this is not the end, I will come with some more WPF interview questions on styles, themes, prism, composites, shell, MEF later on.

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