Friday 28 June 2013

Amazon Cloud Drive: An Efficient Online Cloud File Storage Software and Service

Amazon Cloud Drive: An Efficient Online Cloud File Storage Software and Service

Amazon Cloud Drive provides a lot of features and benefits which will make you to choose amazon cloud drive to store your important files, documents, photos, videos etc. on cloud. You can store and access your files with ease anywhere anytime securely. You will get 5GB of free file storage space when you install Amazon Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac. Following are some of the features of Amazon Cloud Drive discussed in detail.

Online Quick and Reliable File Storage

Never worry about losing a precious memory or not having access to your important files on the go. Amazon Cloud Drive makes storing your photos, videos, documents, and other digital files in the Cloud quick and easy. Get started with 5 GB of free storage--enough space to store up to 2,000 photos.

File Storage Security

Protecting your files in the Cloud is as easy as moving files to your Cloud Drive folder after installing the Cloud Drive app for Windows and Mac. You can also install Cloud Drive Photos for Android and iPhone to easily upload photos from your phone or tablet so you never have to worry about losing precious memories if your phone is lost or damaged. If you're on the go and need a file stored in Cloud Drive, you can quickly access it from any web browser.

Easy Access to Your Files

Your photos are always close at hand on your Kindle Fire, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet. Kindle Fire (latest-generation) and Kindle Fire HD put documents stored in Cloud Drive within easy reach and bring your photos to life in stunning fashion. Using your iPhone or Android phone or tablet you can also browse your photos on the go with Cloud Drive Photos.

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