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Clarizen vs Genius Project vs AtTask: Project Management Software Solutions Comparison

Clarizen vs Genius Project vs AtTask: Project Management Software Solutions Comparison

Following is the comparison between Clarizen, Genius Project and AtTask, the most famous and widely used project management software solutions and services. We have deeply looked into their functionality, ease of use, customer support, resource and service management, cost etc. These all project management software solutions (Clarizen, Genius Project, AtTask), provide good ability to manage team member's time and tasks, project progress, issues, bugs, requests, budgets, schedules, reports, resources, documents, time tracking, timesheets, project expenses etc. In short, Clarizen, Genius Project and AtTask provide good project management services to project managers to ease their lives and reduce their hardwork and expensive time. Lets have a look at the comparison of Clarizen, Genius Project and AtTask, the project management software solutions in detail.

Clarizen Project Management Software

Clarizen is on our top spot in this year's rankings by providing all the project management and collaboration tools that a company may need, without using up any of the company's IT resources. The tools are hosted entirely in the cloud and do not require an IT team to manage the system or a server to host it.

Clarizen includes all project management tools, such as the ability to manage requests, issues and bugs, budgets, schedules, reports, resources, documents, time tracking and expenses. It also includes dozens of customizable reports, free email-only accounts for clients and direct integration with Salesforce for sales reporting. In addition, team members can monitor projects and submit time and expenses remotely from an iPhone or Android device. New to this year's version is the ability to integrate with QuickBooks and Intact to speed up billing processes.

Resource Management: The Clarizen tools manage a variety of resources, including team members, externals and generic resources. They also provide project managers with resource-load simulators, interactive load views, scheduling tools and advanced resource filters. Additionally, the tools manage numerous resource fields, including groups and skills, languages and time zones, job titles, and addresses. To help project managers track a variety of resources, the service provides a range of account types, including time and expense users and email-only accounts.

Ease of Use: Clarizen's project management tool is simple to use for both managers and team members. To start a project, managers can import one from Microsoft Project or use pre-configured templates. These templates include those that are suitable for professional services, IT, customer roll out, SCRUM and new product introduction. To help users, Clarizen provides success kits, video tutorials, wiki topics, how-to articles and a forum.

Integration and Professional Services: The Clarizen project management tools are compatible with products commonly used by smaller teams, such as iCal and Google Drive, as well as popular services such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Project and Outlook. Clarizen also offers mobile apps for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Genius Project 

Genius Project is on our number 2 spot for its flexibility, enterprise-level social media tools and the ability to support a variety of deployment options and generate more than 500 reports. The software helps managers and teams manage projects, resources, tasks, requests, time and expense tracking, budgets, documents, requests and issues, and invoices. It can also create workflows, generate integrations and manage help desk requests. New to this year's version are an updated interface, customizable views and an improved social media platform. Genius Project is available as a Software-as-a-Service, which makes it accessible anywhere from any device, including PCs and Macs.

Resource Management: Genius Project manages in-house, external, generic and physical resources. It includes a complex resource search/filter tool that can manage skill sets, availability, location, time zones and percent of availability. In addition, Genius Project can manage day-off requests, absences and time off.

Ease of Use: Genius Project is simple to use and offers project managers tools to help easily replicate processes and projects. Managers can create projects from scratch or use pre-existing templates. To help new users, Genius Inside provides flash tutorials, visual indicators, white papers, webcasts and FAQs.

Integration and Professional Services: Genius Project works with a variety of software types, including Microsoft Project, Salesforce and accounting software. Integrated email functions work with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other email protocol, including LDAP. The installed version is compatible with most systems, including ERP and CRM systems.

AtTask Project Management Software

AtTask earned its high marks in part for focusing on collaboration and real-time visibility. AtTask has all basic project management modules, including budgeting, issue tracking, request management, interactive Gantt charts, reporting and advanced task management. Those with full licenses get access to every tool, including capacity planning, portfolio alignment, workflow and approvals management, and cost tracking. The tools can also prioritize work across projects, manage requests, manage backlogs and create storyboards. AtTask also supports Waterfall, hybrid and proprietary methodologies.

Resource Management: AtTask's capacity planner allows managers to add a project to a schedule and calculate if it is feasible to accomplish during a set period. This feature compares the resources a manager has against the resources the project requires. Managers can also drag and drop the project to a different time, calculating the best time frame to proceed with the project. The TeamHome section keeps track of team member accomplishments and successes, which makes it easy for managers to track team members' progress, without hounding them for status reports.

Ease of Use: The AtTask tools are simple to use, especially for team members. The program includes numerous one-click options, single-page edits, drag-and-drop tools, simple-to-understand status views and merge-able calendars. AtTask also includes pre-configured solutions for enterprise work management, marketing organization and IT teams.

Integration and Professional Services: AtTask is compatible with a variety of online storage services, including Box, Dropbox and Google Docs. It also works with Salesforce, Jira and ProofHQ. AtTask also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

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