Thursday 6 March 2014

Why you should choose Dedicated Web Server Hosting for your business website?

Why you should choose Dedicated Web Server Hosting for your business website?

If you are starting a website for your business and are thinking to go for a dedicated web server hosting, here are some points to which you should give a thought before making any decision. A dedicated web server hosting provides you good bandwidth to handle massive traffic to your website. You can easily scale your website with dedicated web server hosting. Also, you will get flexibility, security and full control on the various resources in a dedicated web server hosting. 

Do you need to handle huge traffic?

If your website encounters a huge traffic everyday, you need to opt for dedicated web hosting. In shared hosting, your website is being hosted on a server with other clients, you are at risk of not having enough memory or ample bandwidth because other websites are sapping it all up. Sometimes it may happen that a massive traffic hit your website and your shared hosting is already running with low performance due to other websites sharing the same server, and obviously you have no idea and clue how good or bad is the performance of your shared hosting server. At that moment your hosting is not ready to handle the load and when your website will exceed its bandwidth and CPU usage your website will immediately get taken offline by your hosting provider in order to avoid high loading issues on server.

Dedicated hosting is much more reliable. Dedicated hosting will keep you up and running to encounter the web traffic. Dedicated web hosting ensures that you enjoy the resources and functions of an entire server, rather sharing with others. Since a whole server is completely dedicated to your site, you won’t run into bandwidth bottle necks and will have plenty of memory to handle mammoth amounts of web traffic, whether objects or sessions. A shared web hosting solution can cost you potential clients. The cost of downtime depends on how long you site stays down, so don’t risk it.

Is your business scaling very fast?

If your business is scaling very fast, dedicated web hosting provides a better solution for scaling the resources easily. When you’re on a shared server with other clients, a lot is not in your command. Dedicated Hosting gives you the power to scale up when expanding your business. A good dedicated host manages everything from dot to done for you.

Do you need more control and flexibility?

A dedicated web hosting server offers you a lot of controls and flexibility. A dedicated web hosting server gives you full control to access root level of your server and you can delete or install software. If you want to install custom software’s and packages on your server you can do it without the interference of you hosting provider. For example you can manage your Webmail interface, if you want to remove Squirrel mail interface and install another one, you are free to do this. With a dedicated web hosting server, you can customize resources like Hard disk, Memory, Bandwidth, Database etc. for each of your website you host without affecting others and without being affected. You can also create different user accounts and set different level of permissions. And there are many more like this.

So if you know how to manage your server and you need these advance features then you should go for dedicated web hosting server. You will get many options for hosting providers all over the world offering you different packages, it’s really very important to ascertain your needs first and then compare among the top plans available. 

Is security your concern?

If you concern about the security of your website, you should give a thought to dedicated web hosting. When you are starting a new website or when you know that there is not massive traffic falling on your website in such cases a shared hosting is probably something you can count on, but remember as your business grows and so will your website, then you will need more security and uptime. With a shared hosting server where many other unknown websites are also sharing the same server you are less secure and your privacy cannot be cast iron. You can suffer because of other websites running on the same server. 

In dedicated web hosting, the entire resources on server are dedicated exclusively to your site/sites. A good dedicated hosting service should offer 24/7 tech support. It should also have regular operating system and control panel updates as well as security patches. Dedicated hosting insures security.


High level security and state of the art scalability options make a dedicated web hosting solution perform at high standards. When your site gets bombarded with requests and sessions, photos, videos, you name it. With all the power to you, dedicated hosting can be counted on when it comes to security and reliability. Dedicated server hosting keeps running things spick and span!

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