Monday 31 December 2018

CloudFront: Content Delivery Network (CDN) from AWS

CloudFront is the Content Deliver Network service provided by AWS. Below are some basic points regarding CloudFront:

1. Distribution service / Content Delivery Network (CDN) from AWS.

2. Edge Location: The CloudFront network has 160 points of presence (PoPs) as of now.

3. Edge server caches the data to improve latency and lower the load on your origin servers. 

4. Highly Programmable and Customizable content delivery with LAMBDA@EDGE: Lambda@Edge functions, triggered by CloudFront events, extend your custom code across AWS locations worldwide, allowing you to move even complex application logic closer to your end users to improve responsiveness.

5. CDN Origins: EC2, ELB, S3, Route53

6. TTL (Time to Live): How long your content will be cached/stored at Edge location? Defined in seconds. Default TTL: 24 hours (86400 seconds), Maximum TTL: 365 days (31536000 seconds), Minimum TTL: 0

7. Price Class: Use All Edge Locations (Best Performance), Use Only US, Canada, Europe, Use US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. Price is charged accordingly.

8. Default CloudFront URL: *

9. Protocol supported: FTP

10. You can blacklist/whitelist users based on Geo-location.

11. Clearing cache from Edge location is chargeable.

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