Sunday 28 February 2016

5 Things you should never discuss your manager

5 Things you should never discuss your manager

An employee should be fair and transparent with his manager, but few revelations can spoil your bonding with your manager. Try never ever talking about these things to your manager:

1. Your doubt on manager' decisions - At times, you may want to raise questions on his judgement. Do yourself a favour - give it a pass. You may not know what business pressures he/she is living through.

2. Snooping on manager's life - Every employee wants to check what his or her manager is doing in social life. Don't blow your cover by admitting to doing it unashamed.

3. Office gossip - Never share office hearsay with your manager without checking its truthfulness. Sharing something random that you heard in the cafeteria and reacting to it may get him or her thinking that you are not mature or trustworthy.

4. Your personal secrets - Your life and its constant struggles are for you to handle. Pouring it all out in front of your manager will put you in a vulnerable position.

5. Your expectations from the manager - The manager is mandated to put forward his/her expectations from you. But it does not mean you to go and tell the manager how you evaluate his/her skill sets!

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