Monday 29 February 2016

Difference between WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM and KEY-NEXT-ITEM triggers

Difference between WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM and KEY-NEXT-ITEM triggers

WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM and KEY-NEXT-ITEM triggers are very close to each other and create a lot of confusion. Following are three differences between them to clear the picture a little bit.

1. Whenever the user changes the value in the item and tries to move out of that item using ENTER or TAB or MOUSE, WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger is fired. But, in case of KEY-NEXT-ITEM trigger, if user moves out using MOUSE, it will not fire. So, the validation written on this trigger will not fire. Better use, WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger in this case as it also works with MOUSE.

2. KEY-NEXT-ITEM trigger fires before the WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger.

3. KEY-NEXT-ITEM trigger will fire every time you move to the next field from that field but WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM will fire only when you have acutally made any changes to that item. If you have made no changes in the item, it will not fire when you move out this item.

Personally, I prefer to use WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger in many situations.

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