Thursday, 30 August 2012

7 Questions to Ask in Your Appraisal Meeting

April is the time most of us get a reality check (thanks to the appraisals). While many focus their energies on convincing their boss that they deserve a promotion/ salary hike, they often forget to ask some very crucial questions. Keeping in mind the purpose of the whole activity, we give you a list of seven questions you must ask during your performance review meeting.

1. What can I do to improve my performance rating?

Often a question ignored by those with a ME (Meets Expectations) rating, this one is actually for everyone with a rating below DE (Demonstrates Excellence). Just because you meet or even exceed expectations doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room for improvement. Who knows, your boss’ advice might just help you get that elusive excellent rating the next time around.

2. How can I increase my contribution to this department/ company?

As an employee, it is vital that your job profile contributes to the company’s progress. At no point do you want your boss to find you dispensable and god forbid, hand you the pink slip. Showing interest in the company’s advancement will definitely gain you brownie points.

3. What would make me eligible for XYZ post/ a promotion?

This is one of the most important questions to ask during your performance review meeting. Keeping your nose to the grindstone all year long only to have someone else swoop in and take that promotion can’t feel good. Make sure you know what to focus your energies on to achieve that goal. Do what is expected of you and may be a little more and you can be sure of that promotion!

4. Can I be enrolled for XYZ training?

It’s always good to improve your skill set; and why not have the company pay for it? Whether it’s a company training programme or a certified course you want to do, now’s the best time to ask your boss if it’s possible for him to arrange for it. Just make sure the course will actually improve your performance at work.

5. How can I assist others in the team?

If you find your appraisal meeting going rather well and you are sure of a decent rating, it would be a good idea to suggest assisting others of the team. Bosses are always on the lookout for team players to assume mentoring roles. This move might just help you get promoted faster.

6. What are my goals for the next year?

The point of an appraisal is not just to review your past performance but also to set goals for the future. Apart from asking your boss what your goals will be, also ask for clarity on targets as well as how he wants you to go about achieving them.

7. What salary hike can one expect with this rating?

Aah! Finally that questions everyone wants the answer to. Try to be tactful when asking this question as you don’t want your boss to think that the salary is the only reason you are interested in the appraisal. Keep the question more generic by asking what kind of percentage-wise hike is the company offering to employees with such a rating.

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