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Monday, 25 February 2013

Commonly Used Phrases and Sentences By Software Developers

Commonly Used Phrases and Sentences By Software Developers

In a software company, while developing application, software developers come under different circumstances in which they have to save themselves and blame others(blame game), they have to boast and bluff, they have to fool testers and managers in order to save their back. :) Here is the list of commonly used phrases and sentences by software developers in different situations.(This might not be the case with all, but I am taking in general...)

1. Thats not my code: A bug has been found in your application; you get afraid and start debugging the code to know where is the error. Error is coming in a function which you have not developed, you get delighted and run to your manager and say "Thats not my code. Please catch my colleague who made this function".     

2. It works on my machine: You developed a code and now it has gone to testing team. Tester has produced a scenario in which he is getting errors. You run same scenario on your developer machine and its running fine. You get delighted and reply to his mail "Its running on my machine".

3. Thats all from my side: While concluding the meeting, we developers / managers normally say "Thats all from my side".

4. But I did not make any change in that module: Error is coming in a functionality. Your manages says that error is coming in your module. You try to save yourself and say "But I did not make any change in that module".

5. I am almost done: Your manager asks you how much work is done? You don't clearly say that a lot of work is pending, a lot of errors are coming. You simply say "I am almost done".

6. End of Day: End of Day is commonly used by developers when they are asked when can they complete this code?

7. You f**king tester: Well! the rivalary between developer and tester is natural. Nobody will like that someone should find out and highlight limitations in his hard work. When any tester is finding out any silly mistakes in you application just for the sake of increasing the count of number of bugs in your code, "You f**king tester" is obvious on your tongue.  
8. It will take only a minute: Sometimes when you have a small bug in your code and you already know where you have to change to fix the bug, you say to your manager "It will take only a minute" in hurry without realizing that there could be some complex scenario also appear by making that change and instead of minutes, it might take a day.

9. Documentation is done: Developers only want to code not document. When they are forced to document also, they do it just for the sake of doing without any interest and miss a lot of details and say to managers "Documentation is done". If that document is not reviewed, it goes smooth for him otherwise....

10. Thats not a bug but functionality: This is used by developers to fool the testers.

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