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Saturday, 23 March 2013

How to face your rude boss in the office?

How to face your rude boss in the office?

If your boss or manager is rude, your life may become difficult and hard. In this article we have tried to mention some points which may help you in handling your rude boss as you have to spend 8-9 hours of a day in the office.

1. Keep your boss posted: It is important for your boss to feel in control and aware of all aspects of work. He may be a delegator or a dictator but each boss wants to be updated on progress of work on a regular basis.

2. Find the root cause: Rather than whining over a bad boss and his attitude towards you. Try and find the reason for such an attitude. Find out if he reacts the same way with all his subordinates. At many times the boss is not aware of this attitude and the problem it causes you. Openly discussing the problem with the boss may be the easiest solution.

Every boss values a loyal subordinate. It is important to be faithful to your boss. No matter how he handles his work, it is a bad idea to bad-mouth about him to everybody. Chances are somebody will tell him about your antics, creating more trouble for you.

3. Meet your boss outside the office: If your boss never seems to have the time to listen to your ideas, take him out for a drink. Many people have a Jekyll-Hyde personality. They have a very different attitude when they are at work and very different once in a casual environment. This extra effort of taking out time for work related issues will surely put you in your boss’ good books.

4. Reach out to the authority: It would be unfair to say that no matter what your boss does, you do not report it to anybody. The point here is to get the right people to notice the problem. Talking about the problem to people junior to him will not help. But reaching out to his superior or even the HR department might do the trick for you.

If all these tricks fail, then it is good to blame it on luck. Maybe the job or the opportunity was not quite right for you. The best thing to do under these circumstances is to get transferred to another department. This is better than quitting the organization altogether as it will not show on your resume. If that is not a possibility then put in your papers and walk away. As nothing is worth your self-respect.

Finding the perfect boss-employee equation is like a dream come true. Bosses should understand that employees like to be mentored but dislike being managed. Bad management can lead to the loss of employee, as well as all the training and intellectual investments that were made in making him/her suitable for the job.

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