Monday, 29 July 2013

Cheap Cloud Web Server Hosting Service Providers List

Cheap Cloud Web Server Hosting Service Providers List

There are several cheap cloud web server hosting service providers available in the cloud market which are competing with each other to provide best online cloud storage and backup. We have compiled a list of these cheap cloud web server hosting service providers.

Cloud web server hosting allows the users to store and backup their data and files in a remote area, some kind of cloud such that they can retrieve this kind of information on any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world. 

The most important thing when it comes to cloud hosting services is safety and security of users’ information and data along with ease in use and retrieval of data. 

A cheap cloud hosting providers is basically the cloud hosting company in the industry that has been able to be a cheap cloud hosting provider. Some of the features that make these companies a cheap cloud hosting provider is the mere fact that they offer both cloud computing and hosting services, using of cheap cloud servers which are very reliable and excellent in terms of their up time statistics and overall performance. These cheap cloud web server hosting companies provide excellent cloud hosting services at quite an affordable price, using the latest technologies in the industry along with cheap cloud servers.

List of Cheap Cloud Web Server Hosting Service Providers

1. 100TB
2. Site5
3. SiteGround
4. ZipCloud
5. Westhost
6. SingleHop
7. VPSNet
8. UK2.NET
9. IXWebhosting
10. WHUK
11. JustCloud
12. CloudFlare

These cheap cloud web hosting providers provide RAID Protected Cloud Hosting Servers. The best part is that the companies offer the best cloud hosting services in the industry for a low price per month. This web host also uses cheap cloud servers that are of the best quality and thus ensure that services offered are of the best quality. Some of the other features that these companies include unlimited diskspace, bandwidth, domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, a dedicated IP addresses.

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