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Never Switch to Small IT Company from Large One!!

Never Switch to Small IT Company from Large One!!

This article is dedicated to all my software engineer friends. I will try to figure out pros and cons of large and small IT companies. I will try to compare work environment, job satisfaction and frustration, salary packages, job security etc. in small and large companies.

I am a six years experienced software engineer from India and will talk about Indian IT companies. I have worked with one of the largest IT companies (service based) of the India and also with the small companies. As per my experience, one should stay in the large company as compared to the smaller one although the packages offered in large companies are comparatively less. I will share my own experience. I will term large company (my previous company) as L and smaller one as S without naming them public.

I was never satisfied with my job while working with L as my salary was very low although I had got onsite opportunity but only for one month. When I got offer from the small company S, it offered me the great package that I could not deny and moved to it. Although I was getting much more money in my monthly salary as compared to my previous company L, my life became hell. 

Let me tell you what smaller companies do to get the projects and how bad the management is there?

1. Misguide the client about Team Size 

If there are 8 members in the team for a project in company L, company S will put only 4-5 members in the team for the same project and bill the client for 8 team members. In this way, the guys in the team have to do double work in the project as client will assume there are 8 members in the team and he is paying for 8 members and will want his work done as per the efforts of 8 guys but behind the scene, there are only 4-5 guys.

2. Misguide the client about Team Efficiency and Skill Sets

Smaller companies share exaggerated CVs of the team members to the client in order to get the projects. When client gets attracted by those CVs and approves the project, those poor guys have to learn the technology in which they have never done any kind of work (but was written in their CVs which was shared with the client) and also meet the deadline otherwise they are dead.

3. Work on weekends and late nights

As per above two points, its obvious that if one software engineer is doing work of two guys and also new in that technology, he is going to bear sleepless nights and is forced to work on Saturdays and Sundays to meet the deadline.

4. No appreciation, no awards

Once the project is delivered, you will be shown the errors and bugs reported in your delivery and will never get appreciated for what you have done right.

5. No job satisfaction, no job security in a small company

Management can kick your ass at any time when they feel that you are worthless now for them. And if there is a project failure due to any reason, developer is always the victim. They need you to devote your 24 hours to the project and forget all about your family and health.

Lets come to me again. What happened in my case? My S company took a project from a client with impossible deadlines. Deadlines were too short to deliver the project on time. The project was in WPF and a team was formed of four .NET guys who had never worked on WPF. The guys were from ASP.NET. Now we did not know WPF and we had to meet the deadlines too. Our manager dictated us that you all should learn WPF as soon as possible and deliver the project on time otherwise there may happen anything to your job and then don't blame me for the consequences. Even the client knew that deadlines were not practical, but company charged him double and made we developers to work like donkeys. We were under a lot of mental pressure. We used to work late nights, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Even we had spent 9-10 nights in the office. We work late night and when we come late in morning, HR used to mark us half day. That 1.5 months, we had lived like hell. I got totally depressed. 

But my days changed and I got a call from a very good company. I gave interview there and got selected and finally KICKED OFF that S company. HR tried to stop me from leaving and tempted me with huge hike but I just refused to talk to him anything. Now finally, I am at good place and thank my god every day and night for taking me out of that hell. 

At the end of story, I will only suggest you never to switch to the small company in any case. Never get tempted by huge packages they offer. Always maintain healthy relationship between your job and life.

Well, these were my personal remarks, your opinions may be different from me and I am not generalizing my thinking. If you have some words to add, please share them in comments below.

BTW, Thanks for reading.....


  1. thanks for sharing your story Naresh. I do see similar patterns in other smaller companies I worked for - but to be fair there are also other perks. Usually in smaller companies I get to be exposed with multiple different things. There isn't 10-20 layers of bureaucracy in between. If one made the right steps, this is a huge stepping stone for bigger things.

    Congrats and good luck at your new job!

    1. Thanks Ronald. I do agree with you that in small companies you learn a lot of things in quick time and yes I learned. Also if you work hard, you are visible to upper authorities.

      But all this should happen in a professional manner under good work environment with reasonable deadlines to the project so that developers should be able to maintain work life balance and remain happy and loyal to company.

      Small companies should learn this to retain the talent....

  2. If I had to choose, I would go for smaller company from my experience. I was working in both large and small companies and I was happier in smaller ones. As Ronald said, the big companies force their programmers to do more non-IT work which is often very disturbing and boring.

    This or that it is still a lot individual. I believe you can make great small company as well you can make sh**ty small company and same for the big ones.

    2. Misguide the client about Team Efficiency and Skill Sets: From my experience it is not true. I met more talented programmers in smaller companies because there were more precise what people are they hiring. But this is also very individual and it depends on company's strategy.

    4., 5. No appreciation, no awards and No job satisfaction, no job security in a small company: I was a lot awarded and satisfied in "my" small companies :-)

    Anyway a good article :-) I absolutely agree with your point of view on the life - always keep a healthy balance between job and life. Good luck in your new job.

    1. Thanks d1x for your wishes.

      I do agree that not every small company sucks. There are my friends who are working in even smaller companies as compared to mine, but they are happy, satisfied, getting handsome salary and awards.

      I am also agree with your views about large companies. I also did a lot of testing, documentation, ticket handling for a long time. After that, luck came to me and I got development project and started my learning curve from there.

  3. Nice sharing, In the end you are happy and that matters, Best of luck for your new Job.

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  5. Gradually small companies are going to rocks

  6. thx a lot for advise. it help us in many ways

  7. Small companies always break their commitments....

    So, you have to think 100 times before switch to small companies.