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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What if your Super Hero becomes Software Developer?

What if your Super Hero becomes Software Developer?

As an expert programmer or developer, you can do anything. You can develop a lot of complex applications and projects. At each and every step you have to keep in mind some rules and restrictions which you have to follow. You have to abide by OOPS concepts in all the programming languages. 

But what will happen, if Rajnikant sits on the hot seat and start coding? Rajnikant is the super hero in south India and the people treat him like God there. You can compare him with world's super heroes like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan etc.There are a lot of jokes about him in which he can turn impossible to possible. I just gathered some of his jokes related to software development to share. I just wanted to imagine how Rajnikant will code? How will he turn impossible to possible in the programming world? Here we go..

1. He does not follow any coding standards. All coding standards follow him.

2. He can write the code that optimizes itself.

3. He can divide a number by zero without handling any exception.

4. He never uses try in the code, he will directly catch the exception.

5. He can force Binary Search Algorithm to work on unsorted data.

6. He can return a value from a void function.

7. He can inherit a sealed class.

8. He can override a sealed function / variable.

9. He can make a class abstract and sealed at the same time.

10. He can run .NET exe on any platform like Mac, Linux, Unix, Mobile etc. and not the least railway platforms too.

11. He can force garbage collector in your PC to clean your office room.

12. He does not get any compiler error or warning, the IDE will abide by him.

13. He can make a variable of type float to float in the water.

14. He can access all the private data of the class.

15. He can create an array of infinite size because he does not have any boundaries.

16. He can create an integer variable and assign infinity to it.

17. He can delete recycle bin.

18. He can implement multiple inheritance in all the programming languages.

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