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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Must Try Clarizen - An Online Project Management Software for your Project Management

Must Try Clarizen - An Online Project Management Software for your Project Management

If you are thinking to try a project management software solution for management of your project, I would advise you to must try Clarizen first. Clarizen provides best online project management solution to project managers. Clarizen's online project management solution helps your team work more efficiently, effectively, and achieve better results. Clarizen is the only solution to merge the power of the cloud with social communications. You can use Clarizen to eliminate work chaos by standardizing core processes, Gain real-time visibility into projects, Build high-performance teams and speed up the pace of doing business, Increase efficiency of project execution and many more. 

Clarizen provides best customer support, feature documentation and is easy to use. Here is why you should consider Clarizen for your project management?

1. Technical Customer Support

Clarizen offers two levels of technical support: Live and self-help.

If you have an immediate question, you can reach Clarizen by phone, email or via Clarizen Community. Clarizen reps will troubleshoot your issue and walk you through the system so that you can get back to your job as quickly as possible.

Clarizen also offers an extensive library of self-help resources, including online tutorials, interactive webinars, Victory Kits by function (e.g. IT, Professional Services, R&D), white papers and best practice guides.

2. Clarizen Professional Services

Clarizen Professional Services is dedicated to creating the shortest path to value for their customers. Clarizen goal is to optimize the way your organization works so you can get the job done faster, and with better results.

Clarizen Success Service Methodology forms the basis of their approach, and is built on best practices and years of helping organizations succeed with Clarizen. Additionally, Clarizen assigns dedicated resources to work with your internal project directors, and offers a variety of Success Service Packs that provide easy access to their Professional Services expertise.

3. Clarizen Community

Clarizen had developed very good community for its customer. You can:

1. Pose questions to Clarizen experts
2. Submit support tickets
3. Read blog posts about new enhancements, and hot topics
4. View product demos and tutorials
5. Explore educational resources

The Clarizen Community is a fount of project management and enterprise work collaboration knowledge – available 24/7.

4. Clarizen Education

Clarizen offers a variety of tools to help you hone your project management and work collaboration skills, including:

Daily Webinars. Clarizen offers an abundance of free informational and role-based webinars for new users, admins, and serious power users.

Tutorials. Learn at your own pace and convenience. Access a wide range of on-demand tutorials, from getting started with Clarizen, to using any of its modules.

Clarizen University. Clarizen University is our computer-based training program that lets you and your team members learn at your own pace, as well as your own convenience. It consists of presentations, interactive hands-on lessons and certification exams.

Summary of Clarizen Features

Clarizen Project Management Software Solution helps you to:

A) Review, approve, prioritize and schedule your annual project portfolio

B) Develop, implement and roll out new products and services

C) Track, manage and prioritize change requests and resolve issues for all systems IT manages

D) Collaborate with team members, stakeholders and outside consultants in a dedicated project workspace

E) Customer implementations are delivered on time and on budget

F) Ongoing maintenance is efficient, effective, and strengthens the client relationship

G) Team members are kept off the bench and optimally utilized on client projects

H) Deliver releases of all sizes efficiently and with unprecedented speed

I) Track and prioritize incoming tickets and schedule them for iterations

J) Manage reports and content requests from product managers, and deliver on your company's vision with a cost-optimized process

K) Assess and manage availability of your creative and account resources

L) Centralize all copy and design drafts, wire frames, communications and more by project, task or client

M) Compare new proposals to previous projects to project true costs required

N) Track project time, expense and progress

O) Build and share project roadmaps

Visit Clarizen official webstie for more details.

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