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ReportBuilder 15 and Delphi XE4: TppDBImage Component and its Properties

ReportBuilder 15 and Delphi XE4: TppDBImage Component and its Properties

The TppDBImage component is a data-aware report control that is used to print a graphical image stored in a database field, such as a BLOB field. The image that is printed is determined by the value of the DataField property. 

Properties of TppDBImage Component

AutoSize: If this is checked, the object will resize itself automatically, if the text that will print on the report grows too large for the size you specified at design time.

Center: Center the picture in the middle of the space provided. The default setting is checked.

DirectDraw: If you are having problems printing the object on your printer then check this property. It will use a different method of printing and may render the picture better.  The default setting is unchecked.

MaintainAspectRatio:The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height.

Stretch: Set the Stretch property to True if you want to scale the picture to fit inside the report control.

DataField: Field of the database to be printed.


If you have a TppDBText object in a band with the WordWrap and AutoSize both checked and, if the band the object is placed on has it's PrintHeight property set to phDynamic, this property (ShiftWithParent) will control whether this object will print in the same relative location as you have it designed. 

For example, if you have a TppDBText object designed as a single line on the report form, and, another TppDBText object follows it, directly underneath.  Two possibilities could occur:

1.  If the ShiftWithParent property is not checked for the second TppDBText then it will print over the previous object.

2.  If the ShiftWithParent property is checked the second object will print directly under the first as you expected.

The default value is unchecked.

Transparent: If this property is checked, anything behind the object will be visible where the object has blank spaces.

Other basic properties are Font, Height, Left, Name, Visible, Width, Tag, Top etc.

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