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Thursday, 6 December 2012

DropBox For Mac: Best Online Free File Sharing and Storage Tool

DropBox For Mac: Best Online Free File Sharing and Storage Tool

DropBox is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and accessible directly from File Explorer and from the web browser.

Mac DropBox is the ideal tool if you work with documents on multiple computers at once. Mac Dropbox offers 2GB free up space on the Internet to upload all kinds of files, be they music, pictures, videos or documents text. Sharing big files with mac dropbox is very easy.

With Mac Dropbox you will be very easy to share files across multiple computers, and when you add a new one, it will automatically synchronize with your Mac DropBox account.

Mac DropBox lets you share content with your friends, thanks to the public folder, subfolders in addition to select what you want to sync and which not.

Advantages and Benefits of Mac DropBox

You certainly have sometimes even angry that you traveling could not access certain files or photos on your home computer. Thanks "Mac Dropbox" is a thing of the past. With this free software you can easily make a connection to an Internet hard drive. You fill using the "mac drop box" that you use as an additional folder on your home computer or laptop. Balancing between the computer and the online storage is done automatically when connected to the Internet. Your data is always transmitted over an encrypted connection, and the contents of your "dropbox" are password protected against unauthorized access. You can also directly via the "Dropbox" access website's files and share folders or documents with friends -. Namely without installing the client software at all must have in your "Dropbox" folder photos, create mouse click one online photo gallery. The link is to then send to friends and acquaintances, to present them with your snapshots. Connect a digital camera or smartphone to your computer, can "dropbox" to upload photos stored on it automatically to the cloud. But beware: In large series of images can upload (depending on internet connection ) take a long time.

Here are some benefits of Mac DropBox

1. 2GB of free space
2. Very easy to use
3. Accessible from any OS and web
4. Synchronizes the folders you choose
5. History files uploaded and downloaded
6. Sync instantly and automatically
7. Growl alerts

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