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Friday, 10 May 2019

Online Machine Learning Quiz (Objective Questions)

Machine Learning is the revolutionary technology which has changed our life to a great extent. Machines are learning from data like humans. A lot of scientists and researchers are exploring a lot of opportunities in this field and businesses are getting huge profit out of it.

Keeping that in mind, I have created an online quiz in Machine Learning which will help you in sharpening your ML skills. This ML quiz contains a lot of multiple choice questions (objective questions) regarding Machine Learning.

This ML quiz contains objective questions on following Machine Learning concepts:

1. Data Exploration and Visualization: Hypothesis Generation, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Bar Plot, Box Plot, Histogram, Heatmap, Scatter Plot, Regression Plot, Joint Plot, Distribution Plot, Strip Plot, Violin Plot, KDE, Pair Plot, Pair Grid, Facet Grid etc.

2. Data Wrangling: Missing values, Invalid and corrupted values, Outliers, Skewed data, Feature Scaling, Standardization, Normalization, Binning, Feature Encoding, Label Encoder, One Hot Encoder etc.

3. Dimensionality Reduction: Finding correlation, Feature Selection and Feature Extraction, PCA, t-SNE, SVD, LDA, MDS, ICA etc.

4. Algorithms: Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, KNN, SVM, Naive Byes, Decision Tree, K-Means Clustering etc.

5. Overfitting: Overfitting, Underfitting, Bias, Variance, Cross-validation etc.

6. Ensemble Learning: Bagging, Boosting, Random Forest, Adaboost, GBM (Gradient Boosting Machine), XGBoost (Extreme Gradient Boosting) etc.

7. Regularization: Ridge Regression (L2 Regularization), Lasso Regression (L1 Regularization), Elastic Net Regression etc.

8. Accuracy Measurement: Confusion Matrix, Classification Report, Accuracy Score, F1 Score, Mean Absolute Error, Mean Square Error, Root Mean Square Error etc.

9. Python: Basic Datastructures, Libraries like Scikit Learn, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Seaborn, Matplotlib etc.

Rules and Guidelines

1. All questions are objective type questions with 4 options. Only one option is correct.

2. 20 seconds are allotted for each question.

3. Correct answer gives you 4 marks and wrong answer takes away 1 mark (25% negative marking).

4. We will take short breaks during the quiz after every 10 questions.

5. Passing score is 75%. Quiz contains very simple Machine Learning objective questions, so I think 75% marks can be easily scored.

6. Please don't refresh the page or click any other link during the quiz.

7. Please don't use Internet Explorer to run this quiz.


There are 4 helplines given in this quiz:

1. Weed Out

2. Blink

3. Magic Wand

4. Hands Up

You can use one helpline per question except "Hands Up". Below is the description of all these helplines:

1. Weed Out

"Weed Out" helpline weeds out two incorrect options. So, now you have to guess the answer only from 2 options from which one is the right answer.

2. Blink

Keep your eyes wide open while using the "Blink" helpline. "Blink" helpline first lights the bulb against the right option and then in fraction of a second (100 milliseconds), it goes on lighting the bulbs against wrong options. So you have to identify against which option, the bulb was lighted first.

3. Magic Wand

This is the most flexible helpline in which you have nothing to do. Just click on the "Magic Wand" and you get the right answer magically.

4. Hands Up

By using "Hands Up" helpline, you are not adding up score but saving your quiz time. You can use it as many times you want. I would suggest you to use this helpline when you have exhausted all your other helplines. If you find a question whose answer is not clear to you, and you don’t have any helpline left, please don’t waste time on that question and just raise your hands to save your time.

Quit Quiz

Quiz contains a lot of objective questions on Machine Learning which will take a lot of time and patience to complete. If you feel tired at any point of time and don't want to continue, you can just quit the quiz and your results will be displayed based on the number of questions you went through.

Quiz Results

At the end of the quiz, you will get your score and time taken to complete the quiz. You can take screenshot of the result for any future reference.


Please email me more Machine Learning questions which can be included in this quiz.
Please email me your feedback and suggestions to improve this quiz


  1. It would be useful to have a "next" button, or for it to go to the next question automatically once you answer the current one.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I will let you know once it is done.