Friday 22 March 2013

5 Common Mistakes that Candidates Make during Job Interview

5 Common Mistakes that Candidates Make during Job Interview

If you are going for a job interview, must keep the following points in mind. This article lists down various common mistakes that we do during the job interview. So please try to avoid them as these common and silly interview mistakes can snatch away your dream job. Here are five important and common mistakes that candidates make during job interview:

1. Don’t Fib: Your mom was right; lying can get you into trouble. So, always be honest. Remember your interviewer has been in the industry long enough to read in between the lines.

2. Don’t bad-mouth your ex-employer: The rule don’t wash your dirty linen in public is especially applicable in this case. That’s right. It shows you are disrespectful and it makes you appear critical and negative. So, if you are unhappy with your ex-boss or your ex-colleagues, be polite about it. Instead, talk about your work and your contribution and not about how they didn’t appreciate you or they over-burdened you.

3. Being underprepared: This is the worst mistake you could make. It only shows that you don’t respect your work, your time and more, importantly other people’s time. Also, in addition to reading up about the company, make sure you read the job profile and your resume before the interview. This way you will be able to play up your stronger points.

Always have a set of intelligent answers prepared for the interviewer prior to the interview for you will be asked, “Do you have any questions for us?”. This shows that you have done your research and are genuinely interested.

4. Avoid extremes: Appearing either extremely nervous or overconfident can work against you. Nervousness is a sign of under confidence and no employer can trust someone who can’t trust their own abilities. Also, being overconfident makes you sound pompous and no one really likes people who are full of themselves. However, if you have the interview blues try mock interviews or seek professional help.

5. Poor communication skills: This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal doesn’t mean just poor language skills, it also means bad use of language and talking too much. Also, in terms of non-communication skills candidates are judged on details like eye contact and handshake. It tells us a lot about the way to conduct yourself. For instance, if you avoid eye contact, the interviewer has every right to doubt that you are hiding some facts.

So, if you avoid these 5 big mistakes and just be yourself you will be a winner!

Bonus Job Interview Tips:

1. Never cut off the interviewer while he or she is talking.
2. If offered tea or coffee, it is courteous to accept.
3. Don’t forget to shake hands before and after the interview.
4. If your hands are unoccupied, do not fidget. Place them neatly on your lap or on the table.

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