Saturday 2 March 2013

JustCloud: Online File Sharing and Storage Tool: Hidden Costs and Review

JustCloud: Online File Sharing and Storage Tool: Hidden Costs and Review

JustCloud is the reputed name in the online file / data storage and sharing tools market. Also, JustCloud is economical cloud storage tool as compared to other file sharing and storage tools. JustCloud is one the most high quality cloud backup services which has tied up with Amazon to use their servers. It works seamlessly as expected, with daily backups set at a particular time everyday.

But there are several catches to using JustCloud which does not reveal apparently until the user has started using the paid services of JustCloud.

Apparently it will seem to be the best and the most economical service available, but think again before investing. Despite these, I am happily using the robust features of JustCloud for quite sometime now.

JustCloud will not allow you to backup video files and you will have to pay for it separately about 15$ per year. If that was not enough, the user also cannot backup any external hard drives. To backup external hard drive, user will have to pay about 40$, and for external drives over 500 GB, user will need to pay 80$ per year, phew!

These were the biggest catches. The other catches are:

1. Bandwidth enhancer which will speed up your backups

2. Increasing of sync space from the default 1 GB to upto 5/10/20 GB

3. Adding of network drives for backup

4. Hourly backup instead of the default daily backup

5. Access to your previous versions of files. JustCloud keeps all the versions of your files. But to access the older versions, you will have to pay a fee.

6. Increasing maximum backup file size to 5 GB from the default 1 GB. While 1 GB suffices for most users, but if you are dealing with large HD video files or movies, you will be in a tricky situation

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