Saturday 23 March 2013

For Working Mothers: How to balance work and child after maternity leave?

For Working Mothers: How to balance work and child after maternity leave?

When you come to office after maternity leave, its very hard to maintain a balance between office work and your new born baby. Its very tough situation you have to cope with. So we have tried to chalk out some key points which may help you to tackle this hard time.

1. Planning is the key: Realistically planning for family priorities and workplace commitments help in managing varied and multiple demands. Be honest and realistic when listing goals, needs and expectations of both, family and workplace. Planning should ideally start before you actually resume work. Arrange for childcare well in advance. Make a daily to-do list and stick to it. Prioritize work and adhere to deadlines. Take out few minutes before leaving the workplace to plan and organize for the next day.

2. The balancing act: Spell-out job responsibilities and obligations to understand workplace expectations after maternity leave. Maintaining a good work-life balance is a must. Do not take work home and don’t bring home-related issues to office. Identify tasks at office and home and fix ownership. Further divide these tasks based on what can be kept on hold and what can be skipped. Seek permission for flexible hours, telecommunications or working half-day or part time, if a full-time job is posing difficulties.

3. Move over that guilt: Remember that being a working mother doesn't make you a bad mother, at all. Returning to work after maternity leave will pose emotional conflicts for new mothers. But, don’t feel guilty about leaving your little baby at home. Remind yourself that whatever you are doing is for the benefit of your family. Be confident to take up the challenges of balancing work and life after motherhood.

4. Know your worth: Never underestimate yourself. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance post maternity is not rocket science. However, you need to push yourself to multitask and focus, to successfully accommodate work and home obligations. Tell yourself that you are a valuable asset for your organisation and precious for your family.

5. Winning with support: For any new mother, returning back to work after maternity requires a lot of family support. A supportive spouse and family instill confidence and takes off the emotional stress of being away from the child. You tend to be at ease when you know that you have people you can trust to take care of your child at home. Be open and share your concerns and feelings with your family and acknowledge their support.

Overall, maintain a positive attitude and be proactive. Remember that this is a temporary phase and will pass. Once you get into the groove, managing home and work will not seem tedious. Finally, take pride in yourself – Be a proud mother and savor achievements at workplace.

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