Saturday 23 March 2013

When to switch the job?

When to switch the job?

There are many circumstances when you get fed up with your job and want to switch the job. There are many things to keep in mind while taking the decision of switching the job. Following are the situations when you consider job switching in search of better career opportunities and mental satisfaction.

1. You are far from your individual goals: We all have goals for ourselves and we all want to reach them at a certain time. But, if you feel that the present can’t offer you that opportunity, then it’s time to reconsider your options. This is very individualistic and the person must be very clear about his or her vision. One must carefully analyse whether the organization has the ability to offer the right opportunity or not before taking this decision.

2. Work is equal to boredom: If you are always bored at work and you feel that the company is not allowing you to utilize your full potential, then instead of whiling your time and hoping for things to turn around, it’s best to look for other options.

3. Colleagues or bosses are bringing down your morale: This is rated as among the top three reasons for job switch. This may or may not be right reason every time. One has to learn to fight their way through and differentiate between personal and professional life. Thus, if the organization has the potential to help you grow, don’t blow it away because your have problem with colleagues or your boss. However, if it is affecting your confidence or ability to perform or it’s also affecting your health, personal life then it’s time to speed up that notice period.

4. Money, money, money: A common reason why people want to quit their jobs. It’s valid to a certain extent. More money is always right. Here, the person has to evaluate or draw a balance between personal growth and money. More money in another organization doesn't always mean progress. Sometime if one sticks to an organization, chances are that they may grow faster and eventually make more money.

5. You are an emotional wreck: You are upset with everything – big or small – that’s happening at work; you are looking and feeling stressed all the time; you are avoiding people; you are not sleeping or eating well; and your anxiety levels are always high then you have most certainly reached a break point.

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