Friday 8 March 2013

Effective SEO Blog Article and Content Writing Tips

Effective SEO Blog Article and Content Writing Tips

Are you a passionate blogger? Do you write quality content in your blog which is also search engine friendly? In this article "Effective SEO Blog Article and Content Writing Tips", I will try to gather and share some tips on writing SEO blog articles with unique and quality content. 

Your blog article content writing should be of good quality, well-researched, interesting, search engine optimized and unique. Without quality content writing, your blog can fail to engage visitors and attract repeat visits and subsequently will perform poorly within search engine rankings. So, quality content is the key to success of any blog article. 

Here are few tips for effective and search engine optimized content writing for your blog articles. You need to keep following things in mind before writing a profitable content for your blog:

1. Research your blog article theme and idea: Whenever you sit to write an article for your blog, give it proper time and interest and research your subject. You should have a great knowledge about the topic on which you are going to write a blog article. The internet is a great place to start and can inspire you and lead you into further avenues. Think of the content and search it online to know what other people are saying about that. Get idea from other people and mix your ideas in their ideas and generate an interesting story from that. You have to simply gather your thoughts together and explain them on paper. Once you have researched your subject well enough and made notes on the areas you want to focus on, you can begin to structure your blog article content. Passion and a good knowledge of any subject material is always a great starting point for any well written and delivered blog content. Consider what your research has told you, how it can be ordered into paragraphs, and what your main argument is. This will be your thesis and should drive your blog article from start to finish.

2. Analyze your blog article ideas: A good blog article will analyze the research it refers to, looking for strengths and weaknesses and forming original opinions in a clear, concise way. If you have read some interesting research that you don’t agree with, include this in your blog article argument as it’s useful to find both negative and positive points to write about, using your own insights. This is known as brainstorming and makes your essay really stand out. Convey your thesis through your paragraphs, with clear points from your plan in front of you so that you remain focused and say what you need to without losing your way! Before you start writing any article, you better understand it first. You should know what you are writing and what all is required in the article. Doesn't start writing just for the sake of writing, it would lead to a quantity but will compromise with quality? So think before you write and generate a quality article.

3. Add search engine optimization spice to your blog article content: Your blog article content should not have exaggerated amount of keywords and key phrases. This often does produce negative ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization) results. If you introduce poorly written, low value and overly keyword-stuffed blog content into your blog, ‘SERPS’ (Search Engine Results Page) will probably not return preferable page 1 listings within Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the other major search services available. If your blog fails to show up within the first 10 pages of any search engine result for the desired terms, then it may as well be invisible. Excellent content writing always puts any blog above their badly written counterparts.

4. Try to write short blog article: Don’t write too big blog articles because nobody today has enough time to read an article of 2000 words. Keep your article simple and short and try to wrap it up in 800-1000 words. Make every word count and you’ll save time without letting quality slip.

5. Give time to your blog article: While writing if you are not getting words or not getting points to write content on the particular article, do not stress. Take break or save that article and write on it after some time. This will fresh up your mind and will help you to generate new ideas and content for your blog article.

6. Use paragraphs and bullet points: Article looks more attractive and readable when you divide it in parts. Give step by step information using bullets or numbering. This will give you more space to write a quality content and will make it easier for people to read it and understand it without wasting much of their time. This will also save lot of time for you.

7. Analyze Grammatical Errors: While writing a blog article content, keep in mind that you spell accurately, use correct grammar and phrasing. Poorly-written and low quality blog content will lead you nowhere.

Conclusion – Leave the reader with an interesting hypotheses of your own, which is in response to all the research you have carried out – or to one quote that made an impact on your blog article content. A good conclusion does more than summarize the blog article; it suggests an answer of its own.

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