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Monday, 30 September 2013

Amazon Cloud Computing Service Competitors

Amazon Cloud Computing Service Competitors

Amazon is the top cloud computing services provides in the world today and has monopoly over world cloud market. But there are a lot of competitors of Amazon cloud computing service which are giving Amazon a tough time and Amazon has to excel and work hard to retain the number one rank in cloud computing services. Top competitors of Amazon are VMware, Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM, Google, SalesForce, Citrix and lot more.

1. VMware

VMware cloud solutions improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability, while helping IT drive innovation. VMware delivers everything IT needs to build, operate, rent and manage their cloud, even beyond the data center, while continuously quantifying its impact. VMware also help customers evolve technical foundations, organizational models, operational processes and financial measures to establish both a cloud infrastructure and cloud operations model that delivers the greatest benefit from cloud computing. 

2. Microsoft

With Microsoft cloud solutions, you remain in full control whether it is in your datacenter, a partner datacenter, or Microsoft’s datacenters. With Microsoft cloud solutions you will get:
  • A common set of management tools.
  • The ability to see all the applications in your traditional, public, and private cloud environments from a single console.
  • A common set of identity tools.
  • The ability to develop applications that run in both the private and public cloud.

3. Rackspace Cloud

The Rackspace Cloud is the cloud hosting division of Rackspace, an industry leader that currently manages over 40,000 servers and devices for customers all over the world. Rackspace's public cloud gives you the right tool for every job—just sign up for a cloud account to get started. Every aspect of your application can get the performance, scalability, and security it requires. 

4. IBM 

IBM SmartCloud is family of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for securely building public, private and hybrid clouds. Deep expertise, open standards and proven infrastructure enable you to confidently achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency.

5. Google

Google Cloud Platform lets you build applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google’s infrastructure.

Other competitors of Amazon are SalesForce, Citrix, Oracle, SAP, Verizon, GoGrid, Cisco, Joyent, SoftLayer, OpenStack, AT&T, Dropbox and lot more. Lets see how Amazon manages to retain the number one position in cloud computing services in this tough competition?

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