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Friday, 20 September 2013

Must Prepare Delegates and Event Handling Questions for C# Interview

Must Prepare Delegates and Event Handling Questions for C# Interview 

If you are going for interview in C# / ASP.NET, I would suggest you to must prepare the topic of Delegates and Event Handlers in C#. This is the most basic as well as tricky C# interview question which you will be surely asked. I have listed down some of the C# interview questions on Delegates and Events.

1. What are Delegates? What are the types of Delegates? What is the difference between Delegate and Multicast Delegate?
2. What are Events and Event Handlers in C#? 
3. What is the basic difference between Delegates and Events?
4. Isn't an Event Handler a type of delegate in C#?
5. When to use Events and when to use Delegates?
6. All Delegates in ASP.NET are Multicast Delegates?
7. Write down the syntax of Delegate / Multicast Delegate.
8. How to subscribe and unsubscribe event handlers and delegates in C#?

There is a lot of material available on delegates and event handling concepts on Google and StackOverflow. You can get all these by just simple googling. You should also prepare some working example on the above questions so that you can better explain the above concepts on delegates and events. Also give a good look on the syntax of delegates and events. If you would be able to answer the above questions on delegates and events in the C# interview, half of the work will be done. It will give you the positive impact and upper hand in the interview because I have noticed that even many of the experienced C# developers are also not able to explain the delegates and event handling concepts.

I remember that when I was just a fresher in the IT world in 2009, I had given a project interview in my company for ASP.NET project. One of the senior team member took my technical interview and asked very basic C# and ASP.NET questions at the very beginning of interview.  I felt confident by answering those simple C# / ASP.NET questions on CLR, conditional statements, looping structures, session, cookies, data binding concepts etc. Then he jumped to delegates and event handling questions and after telling him 2-3 basic things on delegates, I was blank and mum. I did not know the depth of delegate concepts and how delegates and events are used in the real world projects. Because I was fresher at that time, so that person spared me on those questions, smiled and took me into his project. But today as a 4 years experience, if I am not able to explain these delegates and event handling concepts in the interview, I will make big blunder and this time nobody is going to spare me on these questions.

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