Monday, 30 September 2013

Top Cloud Computing Services Providers/Companies in the World

Top Cloud Computing Services Providers/Companies in the World

Today, a lot of companies are providing cloud computing services around the world. Enterprises of all scale today need cloud computing services to stay in the competition. Your business needs cloud computing services for high scalability, high reliability,  high availability, high performance, high security and cost-efficiency. 

Cloud computing environment is hard to setup. So, there are a lot of companies which are providing cloud computing services for you. There are a lot of cloud computing companies in the world which have great expertise in providing cloud computing services. These companies have great experience in delivering a trusted cloud computing ecosystem. deliver a trusted cloud ecosystem. The cloud computing offerings include a single point of accountability across the entire cloud computing life cycle, strategy and planning, cloud computing ecosystem setup, migration and creation and aggregation of cloud computing services. 

Top Cloud Computing Companies in the World

Amazon is the biggest provider of cloud computing services. Amazon has strong competitors like VMware, Microsoft Azure, SalesForce, Google, Rackspace, IBM, Citrix and many more. Following is the list of big cloud computing companies/providers in the world.

1. Amazon
2. VMware
3. Microsoft
4. SalesForce
5. Google  
6. Rackspace
7. IBM
8. Citrix
9. Joyent
10. SoftLayer
11. OpenStack
12. Cisco
13. AT&T
14. GoGrid
15. Oracle
16. SAP
17. Dropbox
18. Verizon/Terremark
19. CenturyLink/Savvis
20. BlueLock
21. Enomaly
22. NetSuite
23. RightScale

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