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Friday, 27 September 2013

Firebird Basic Interview Questions and Answers

Firebird Basic Interview Questions and Answers

If you are going to appear in a firebird technical interview, you must go through following basic firebird interview questions and answers. These are very basic questions on firebird database like general introduction to firebird, features of firebird database, similarities and differences between firebird and interbase, IBExpert tool for Firebird, firebird database connectivity etc. Following are the firebird interview questions and answers.

1. What do you know about Firebird database?

You should know general things about the Firebird database like: 

A) Firebird is open source database
B) It runs on Windows, Linux and Unix
C) Some Facts, Figures and Features of Firebird database

Read more for further details...

2. What are the various features of Firebird database?

You should be aware of the features and functionalities Firebird database provides like:

1. Firebird supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and Unix
2. Multi-generation architecutre of Firebird database
3. Powerful and developer-friendly SQL language
4. Logging and monitoring features of Firebird database
5. Security and Performance of Firebird and much more.

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3. What is the difference and similarities between Firebird and Interbase databases?

You must prepare this interview questions because Firebird and Interbase databases are closely related. There are a lot of difference and similarities between Firebird and Interbase databases. I have written a complete article on this. You can access it here.

4. What is IBExpert?

IBExpert is a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development and administration of InterBase and Firebird databases. IBExpert includes many coding tools and features: visual editors for all Database Objects, an SQL Editor and Script Executive, a Debugger for Stored Procedures and Triggers, a Query Builder, a powerful Database Designer and much, much more...

5. How to connect with Firebird database in Delphi using TSQLConnection?

This question is related to Delphi developers. TSQLConnection component is used to connect with firebird in Delphi. Below is code snippet for making firebird database connection in Delphi.

  SQLConnection1.ConnectionName := 'Devart InterBase';
  SQLConnection1.DriverName := 'DevartInterBase';
  SQLConnection1.GetDriverFunc := 'getSQLDriverInterBase';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['LibraryName'] := 'dbexpida40.dll';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['VendorLib'] := 'fbclient.dll';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['HostName'] := 'hostname';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['Database'] := 'databasename';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['User_Name'] := 'username';
  SQLConnection1.Params.Values['Password'] := 'password';
  SQLConnection1.LoginPrompt := False;

6. Have you ever found the compiler error "Unsupported on-disk structure for file xxx.fdb" while working with Firebird database?

This is the common error occurs in most of the cases when you are using both firebird and interbase. Sometimes mismatch happens between gds32.dll (interbase driver dll) and fbclient.dll (firebird driver dll) which causes this error. There is detailed solution of this error discussed here.

Beside all the above firebird interview questions and answers, you should prepare general database concepts like joins, index, query optimization, stored procedures and functions, triggers, cursors etc. 

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