Tuesday, 25 September 2012

30 Facts About Google Adsense You Must Know

Have you a google adsense account? If yes, congrats! If no, may google bless you one! If you have google adsense account then you must be aware of some facts about google adsense. Here are some tips and some facts about google adsense you must know.

1. Google uses Javascript code to incorporate the advertisements into a participating site. 

2. Google AdSense publishers can place up to 3 AdSense for content units, 3 AdSense link units and 2 Google Search Boxes on a single webpage.

3. Google AdSense policies prohibit users from placing Google ads in pop-up windows.

4. Google utilizes its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors. If it is included on a site which has not yet been crawled by the Googlebot, it will temporarily display advertisements for charitable causes.

5. Participating in Google AdSense does not affect your site’s rank in Google search results. While Googlebot does crawl content pages for the purpose of targeting ads, this crawl is not associated with the main index crawl.

6. Google doesn’t disclose the percentage of advertising revenue that it shares with AdSense publishers.

7. Never modify the Google Adsense HTML code. If have trouble embedding AdSense code in your WordPress or Blogger template, take help of the AdSense support forums or send an email to your AdSense account manager.

8. There are two email addresses to use, depending on the type of question:
 A) adsense-support@google.com: for general program or account questions
 B) adsense-tech@google.com: for additional technical questions or concerns.
 Note: Google Adsense customer support doesn’t have a telephone number. 

9. Never ask your friends or visitors to click on your Google ads. Google takes click fraud very seriously. Do not include incentives of any kind on your site for users to click on your ads. Don’t label Google ads with text other than “sponsored links” or “advertisements”. AdSense program may not encourage users to click the Google ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” or other similar language.

10. Don’t click on your own ads - Google is much smarter than you think and can discover invalid clicks through IP addresses, site navigation patterns, etc.

11. If you are working on a new design for your site, avoid reloading your pages (with AdSense) excessively. You can turn off AdSense temporarily or disable javascript of your browser to avoid invalid CPM impressions.

12. Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users get more options and the payout is often higher.

13. Google Ads with no background color and no borders will always perform better. Make the border color and background color same as your page background color.

14. Always use big ads like the large rectangle (336×280) is the best paying Adsense format especially for text ads. Try using the 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 medium rectangle or 160×600 wide skyscraper.

15. Don’t places images next to Google ads as that will invite a permanent ban to your AdSense account.

16. The first few lines of your content are an important factor for determining what Ads are served on your webpage. So concentrate on your starting lines as well as the header of the article.

17. Try to place the ad between the main title and the content of your article as this section is focused much and the ad is more relevant here than any other portion of your page. Place another ad at the end of your article. If your article is big, you can also insert an ad between your article.

18. Monitor the AdSense performance of individual web pages with Google Analytics.

19. Learn how to implement AdSense Revenue sharing if you run a site with multiple authors and need to pay your writers based on advertising revenue generated from their articles. Assign a separate channel to each other and use that number for his or her blog posts.

20. Use the AdSense Preview tool to determine what ad campaigns are currently targeted for your site in different geographic regions of the world. 

21. Google AdSense program does not permit AdSense ad code to be placed in email messages or newsletters. Nor are you allowed to add AdSense ads in software application, browser tools, extensions, etc.

22. AdSense publishers in certain countries (like India) can have only one Adsense account per physical address. For instance, if any of your family member creates a new website, they will have to use your existing Adsense account to monetize the site - Google will not accept Adsense applications from individual who have the same postal address as yours. Maybe this rule is not applicable in all countries but if you’re based in India, never create multiple Adsense accounts for the same postal address. Here’s an excerpt from the Adsense rule book:

“Multiple accounts held by the same individual or entity are subject to immediate termination unless expressly authorized in writing by Google (including by electronic mail)”.

23. There is no need of placing the google ads in Archives, Tags, Category or Author pages of your blog/website.

24. Reports on impressions and clicks are usually updated every fifteen to thirty minutes.

25. If you are not yet 18, you may have a parent or guardian submit an application using their name as the payee name.

26. Google doesn’t allow you to open Google ads in a new browser window.

27. Sometimes you might have observed that no. of clicks display on your adsense account but no associated revenue. This is because they might be the invalid clicks tracked by the google or the second reason may be that you would be using the Allowed Site Feature on your account through which you can put the ads on other sites also. If you are using this feature, you must add all your sites on the allowed site list otherwise the page impressions and clicks will appear but no revenue will be rewarded to you.

28. Sometimes you might have observed that the page impressions and page views are not same for your blog. This may be because some visitors block your ads, some block javascript and also if your page is heavy and the visitor has aborted the page load, then page view will be counted but no page impression will be considered. If you are using statcounter or any other service to track the traffic, then must keep in mind that the time zone should be same as that of the Adsense Account. 

29. If google bans your account for invalid clicks, you can send the application for re-consideration. If you are lucky, goole may re establish your account deducting some money which they assume is from invalid clicks but there are only a few chances of it. In reconsideration they usually don’t re-establish the account.

30. Yahoo YPN, FeedBurner Ads, Adbrite, Kontera, Chitika,Tribal Fusion, Adify, Pheedo and BlogAds are the other options you can try if your adsense account is not accepted or banned permanently. But these sources sheerly provide ads depending on your site traffic.

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