Sunday, 30 September 2012

Online Physics Degrees

Physics is referred to as a “pure science.” That is, it is the study of the basic truths of the universe, how it works, and the laws which define objects, forces, and the relationships between them without regard to how that science might be used or “applied” by humanity. Thanks to computer technology, it is now possible to get your physics degree online, completing most of the required lab work through computer simulations that duplicate the precise conditions of a laboratory experiment. Most students begin with an undergraduate degree in physics and then specialize through advanced degrees.

Careers can be found in Oceanography, Climatology, Astronomy, Seismology and Biophysics, just to name a few. Students with solid backgrounds in physics can apply their skills to the development of new medicines, cultivation of plant species, design of structures that withstand hurricanes, highway and bridge design and communication fields such as fiberoptics and satellite photography. Nearly any scientific field that you would like to focus on can begin with a Bachelor’s degree in physics as physics is a major requirement in architecture, engineering and computer related programs.

Furthermore, the US Department of Labor has reported that Physics is excellent preparation for degrees that you would not usually associate with physics such as law or medicine. Each of the fields in which you would extend and apply your physics degree will have it’s own opportunities and salary ranges.

The Study of Physics

The study of physics requires numerous sequential courses, that is, courses that must be completed before the next course can be taken. Getting your degree through an online program can shorten the time needed to complete your degree because you do not have to wait for the “next semester” once you have completed a course and passed the final exam. With most online programs, you can start the next course immediately, saving both time and expense. While most Physics graduates are likely to pursue advanced degrees, jobs are available with just the Bachelor’s degree.

For example, you might find a job as a laboratory technician, meteorologist, computer programmer, salesperson for technical instruments, or contractor for the installation of acoustical or computer equipment. However, physicists in the United States—those with Masters or Doctoral degrees earn an average of $80,000 a year or more. Thus, it isn't hard to understand why most students go after the advanced degrees. Physics may be one of the more difficult degrees to complete through Online study because of the complex math and challenging research that often sends students for individual consultation with the professor.

However, most schools with online programs have anticipated that need and have qualified professors available for online “appointments,” forums, phone calls and other personal interaction when needed. Furthermore, since you can adjust your schedule according to your own needs, you will often find that interaction with peers is actually easier than it would be if you were in a traditional classroom environment. Although most students try to complete their studies in less time than the usual semester, it is also possible to extend your time, taking fewer courses at a time and taking longer to complete them. This is particularly helpful if you need to maintain a job while getting your education.

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