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Online Web Designing Degrees

Between 1994 and 2001, the number of Web sites increased from 3,000 to a whopping 30 million. By July 2006, it jumped to nearly 43 million. At the same time, the 2004 Internet-viewing population of 934 million has grown to approximately 1.46 billion in 2008. As such, companies are desperately seeking skillful Web designers to keep up with the torrid growth of the Internet. As the Internet viewing population continues to grow, corporations and business now see Web presence as an absolute necessity. Thanks to growing interest and knowledge, people are finding the Internet as a great source of information and entertainment. Web designers cater to these needs as they design and present Web sites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Online Web Design Degree Options

You can earn an online Web design degree at the certificate or associate''s level. Your degree program can teach you Web site fundamentals, interface design, multimedia development, and more. From your online program, you can also learn the essentials in Web design, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, coding, multimedia applications, and more.

Web Design Coursework Highlights

Web design encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines and skills that are necessary to succeed in the competitive Internet world. These skills traditionally include:

  •      Site development
  •      Graphic design
  •      Visual communication and appeal
  •      Coding skills
  •      Information layout
  •      Content writing
  •      Design ability
Web Design Career Opportunities

Numerous employment opportunities are available to individuals with career training in Web design. Positions include computer systems designer, graphic designer, desktop publisher, Web technician, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), each of these positions should experience significant job growth through 2016. For example:
  •    Computer systems designers should see 38 percent job growth
  •    Graphic designers should enjoy 10 percent job growth
  •    Internet developers and computer scientists should see 37 percent job growth
In addition to growing job opportunities, graduates with degrees in Web design should see financial benefits as well. In 2007, these occupations earned the following median salaries:

  •      Desktop publisher ($35,510)
  •      Graphic designer ($41,280)
  •      Computer systems design ($89,070)
  •      Web designer ($59,250)
Ability to Adapt

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Internet is a fast -paced and ever-changing market. A degree in Web design can give you that platform to start your career, but your success may be largely determined by your ability to continually adapt to the growing and changing needs of the Internet. In the end, continuing education may be important--your associate's degree can also be used to advance you toward your bachelor's degree in a related program, such as graphics and/or media arts or visual communications. From the browser battle between Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft, to the thousands of new Web sites that appear every day, armed with the proper career training, you can make your mark on the a rapidly growing and seemingly endless world known as the Internet.

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