Sunday, 16 September 2012

5 ways to get into the good books of the boss

Just about everyone wants to look good in the eyes of the boss. But it’s not about being a yes-man as much as it is about working hard.

Here’s a look at 5 ways to get into the good books of the boss.

1. Exceed your boss’s expectations

The easiest way to impress your boss is to be competent in the area where you work. Be disciplined, be proactive, and help your boss in all situations, especially the more challenging assignments. Making sure you have your facts right, being well-prepared, delivering and then communicating to your boss about the good work you’ve done. Always be around to take responsibility and go beyond his/her expectations.

2. Punctuality goes a long way

Another no-brainer, but it’s often ignored. Whether it’s attending meetings on schedule, finishing projects on time or meeting timelines and time commitments, this is something that gets you into your boss’ good books. When you complete a project, thank your boss for his inputs and support. At the same time, show that you genuinely value them, rather than just trying to massage his ego.

3. Give credit and earn good-will

If your boss gives you an assignment, treat it as top priority, even if it means pushing yourself to complete it.

4. Show initiative

Take ownership and responsibility of your own tasks.Put timelines and find solutions. The use of initiative is very important for a boss to realise your full potential.

5. Never badmouth your boss

Don’t talk behind your boss’ back. If you have something you don’t like about him/her, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, it might end up reaching his/her ears one day. So save your criticisms, and say good things about your boss.

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