Sunday, 30 September 2012

Online English Degrees

Online bachelor degree in English produces graduates with demonstrated skills in literary analysis and critical thinking and writing. These skills prepare students majoring in English for careers in education, law, writing and publishing, journalism, public relations, business, and management.

Online bachelor degree in English: Objectives

A student who graduates with a major in English will be able to :
  • Read and analyze significant literary works, primarily those written in English.
  • Critically examine intellectual, moral, and ethical issues as they are presented or implied in works of literature.
  • Apply techniques of literary research, including research that uses technology and fosters information literacy.
  • Analyze literary works, literary genres, literary criticism, the historical development of literature and language, and the contributions of major authors as being representative or unrepresentative of the cultures within which these authors lived and wrote.
  • Formulate ideas, especially for literary analysis, and convey them clearly in both written and spoken English.
  • Write effectively and demonstrate superior understanding of the writing process and writing techniques.
Online Master of Arts English degree

The Master of Arts degree in English provides a balanced and comprehensive program of graduate study in literature and writing. This degree program is ideal for teachers who desire a content M.A. beyond the credential. It is also excellent preparation for doctoral studies in English, teaching in the two-year college, or other careers requiring a high degree of literacy. Master of Arts degree curriculum offers a balanced coverage of major approaches to literature, including theoretical, historical, comparative, thematic, multicultural and genre studies. It provides students with the tools and skills to produce literary scholarship of professional quality and to participate in the ongoing scholarly discussions of issues in the field of literary study. It also provides unique opportunities to explore the roots of a literary genre through both critical analysis and creation of the form itself.

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