Saturday, 15 September 2012

Online Fashion Design Degrees

Are you a reality fashion TV addict? As you watch designers compete for praise, do you think, "I would have done it differently"? The fashion design industry is highly competitive, and anyone who hopes to succeed should have a strong background and fashion experience. An online degree program in fashion can help you compile a strong portfolio, with classes in textiles, sewing and tailoring, patternmaking, and fashion history. Training in fashion design can be beneficial for a variety of areas in the fashion world. Modern technology will also play an important role in the fashion business. Because computer-aided design (CAD) is increasingly being used in the industry, your coursework may include education in CAD technology.

Career in Fashion Design

There are many areas in fashion design. Besides the clothes we all wear and see in department stores and in magazines, there are also designers who create accessories, jewelry, children''s attire, pet attire, costuming, shoes, and more. In addition to the many fashion specialties, there are also different modes, such as casual, formal, and seasonal. Courses or a degree that incorporates a variety of fashion subjects will give you a more thorough vision of the fashion world and make you a well rounded and desirable job candidate. After graduation, designers may work in cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing, apparel wholesalers, or eventually at the management level of design companies. Nearly a fourth of all fashion designers are self-employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and most designers live and work in New York or California.

Training in Fashion Design and Degree Programs

Degrees in fashion are available at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree level, allowing you to choose the educational commitment that matches your career goals and lifestyle. Coursework may include basic fashion essentials including color, textiles, fabric, ornamentation, design, sewing, and sketching. Because of the flexibility in online training options, you also have the opportunity to incorporate additional business and marketing classes into your curriculum. The introduction of CAD has also simplified some of the design and sketch aspects of fashion. However, your job is only improved if you are experienced with the CAD systems and programs. Online training will allow you to familiarize and master CAD programs if you choose.

Fashion Design Online Degrees

College degree programs in fashion can be your first step towards a competitive salary. Online training can also expose you to the various endeavors in fashion design and help you to focus your interests and obtain the necessary background and training. The BLS reports median annual earnings of $62,610 for salaried fashion designers in May 2006. Earnings are based on experience and employer, and while no one can guarantee a particular career or salary, employers prefer a strong portfolio that may be developed through fashion design school. Because the fashion industry is seemingly glamorous and definitely high profile, positions in fashion are highly sought after, and the job market is competitive. Your training, experience, and potential degree can give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and be confident in the alluring fashion industry.

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