Saturday, 15 September 2012

Online Doctorate Degrees

The Doctorate is the most advanced degree a student can obtain, and thus is meant to signify the students high level of academic achievement, as well as demonstrate expertise in particular field. Unlike a bachelors degree, the doctorate is not awarded upon completion of a predetermined list of course requirements, but rather the degree is rewarded according to the proven intellectual capacities of the student along with his or her potential for future scholarly contributions A doctorate is an academic degree of the highest level. Traditionally, the award of a doctorate implies recognition of the candidate as an equal by the college or university faculty under which he or she studied. The two primary types of doctoral degrees are research doctorates and professional doctorates.

Research doctorates are typically awarded in recognition of peer-reviewed academic research that is of a publishable standard. Professional doctoral degrees are awarded in fields such as medicine (MD) and law (JD) where candidates focus on qualifying for professional licensure rather than on research. To qualify for a research doctoral program, candidates must first earn a Master''s degree. Candidate must complete a course of study, do original research, write a thesis or dissertation and successfully defend it before a faculty committee. The time required to complete a doctoral program varies widely from a minimum of three years and longer, depending on the program and whether the student is full- or part-time.

The most common research doctoral degree is the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), with other designations in various specialties such as EdD (Doctor of Education) and PsyD (Doctor of Psychology). Whether you want to pursue a career in academia, business or other professional discipline, a doctoral degree can be an outstanding career move. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, professionals with doctorates earn approximately $37,265 more each year than those with Bachelor''s degrees.

Our accredited colleges and universities offer a number of advantages to candidates who want to earn a PhD or other doctoral degree. Most programs require periods of on-campus attendance, but the majority of the coursework can be completed online and through distance conferencing with advisors. You''ll find online doctoral programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Engineering, Human Services and Law. Follow the links below to explore our available doctoral programs and request more information today. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that a particular degree program is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

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