Sunday, 30 September 2012

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Never before has their been a better time to earn an online criminal justice degree than today. There is growing demand for qualified criminal justice professionals but the job market is increasing competitive for those who want to succeed in the criminal justice industry. Unfortunately, finding the time and means to earn your criminal justice degree can be difficult if not impossible for many working adults. Criminal Justice is a broad field that encompasses many functions in society''s efforts to control crime. The criminal justice system requires a wide variety of trained specialists to enforce laws, apprehend, prosecute, incarcerate and rehabilitate adult and juvenile offenders, assist victims, and prevent crime from occurring through effective security and deterrence. A Criminal Justice degree can start or advance your career in this exciting field by qualifying you for positions such as:
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Investigator and special agent at the local, state and federal level
  • Criminal forensic specialist
  • Corrections, probation and parole officer
  • Numerous positions in the court system
The threat of terrorism has also increased the demand for highly trained security specialists in both the public and private sectors. We offer Criminal Justice programs at the Certificate, Associate''s, Bachelor''s and Master''s levels in the variety of concentrations listed below. These online programs give working adults and full-time students tremendous scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to earn a degree in less time than is usually possible through on-campus attendance. If you want to start or accelerate your career in criminal justice, explore the online programs below and request more information from our accredited colleges and universities today.

What type of career can you pursue with a degree in criminal justice?
  • Airport Security
  • Corrections
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Detective
  • FBI Agent
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Homeland Security
  • Law and Evidence
  • Law Enforcement
  • Police Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • Private Security
  • Secret Service
  • US Customs
  • Victimology

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