Sunday, 30 September 2012

Online Elementary Education Degrees

Online elementary education degree programs concentrate on the educational development and care of young children. These degree programs are intended to prepare students for teaching careers in elementary schools. Students also learn how to assess the developmental skills of young children.

Curriculum Information:

Some of the major courses that are usually required in online elementary education degree programs include:
  • Human Communication
  • General Psychology
  • Child Development and Growth
  • Early Language Development
  • Early Childhood Education
Skills Attained:

Graduates of an online elementary education degree program should have theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. Graduates should also be able to screen and identify the unique needs of young children and their families, and to define any early intervention services that may be needed to address those unique needs.

Career Related Information

Why Consider an Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education?

Are you eager to be part of children''s growth and development? If so, this degree can allow you to work with elementary school children.

Salary Information:

The Salary Wizard at reports that the median annual salary for a elementary school teacher in the United States is $47,005.

Economic Outlook and Growth of the Industry:

Government economists predict that opportunities for elementary educators should increase much faster than average through 2014.

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