Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5 ways to handle an interview over a video call

In today’s corporate world, companies are taking help of technology to erase geographical barriers. Many now conduct job interviews through video conference or over Skype. This also has made preparing for such interviews in advance essential. One wrong step and a candidate can end up losing a great job.

1. Core remains the same

Prepare for this interview like any other. Read about the company, do some research about the management, figure out what the job entails, what the company is looking out for in the person they will hire and get an idea about those who would be interviewing you. The basics of an interview don’t change. The medium changes, but not the purpose.

2. Get tech-savvy

Technology can be unpredictable, and it’s important to be prepared in advance to avoid any disruption. Learn how video conferencing equipments work. If you are planning to take the interview from home, check to see if the equipment is functioning. Practice on Skype or with video capsules. Ask a friend to review it. Spend time setting the right projection. Camera angle, light and sound should be perfect. The conversation can get disrupted if these things are not taken care of. It can spoil the entire exercise.

3. Dress for the occasion

Dressing casually for the interview might suggest to your potential employers that you are not serious about the process. Wear bright colours that would be distinguished on camera. Do not go in for stripes as monitors tend to create fluctuating patterns. Don’t fidget, and look into the camera constantly.

4. Cut the noise levels

The microphone can pick up the smallest of sounds, so try and give the interview in a sound-free environment. Also, keep your phone switched off or on silent mode and avoid checking your phone messages or e-mails, even during a break. Keep a notebook handy, take down quick notes if there a series of complex queries. Reply to them slowly but don’t read out from the note pad. Pay close attention to the conversation.

5. Keep to time limit

Be aware of the time and make sure to cover your agenda and ask relevant questions in the allotted interview time. Don’t request information which is already available on the company website. Keep your queries precise. Remember to focus on your goals during the interview. You might just bag a great job offer.

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