Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Embarcadero HTML5 Builder Features List

1. HTML5 Builder uses standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript.

2. With HTML5 Builder you can develop  your app once using a single HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and  PHP codebase and target multiple mobile operating systems ( iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone), devices and Web browsers using a single click.

3.  HTML5 Builder comes with hundreds of reusable drag-and-drop components that you can use as is or customize to help you build your applications, faster. So, you don't need to know how to use jQuery or mobile JavaScript libraries, just drag and drop the components.

4. HTML5 Builder includes a source code editor, integrating debugging, wizards and other tools for everything from creating a new application to mobile deployment.

5. HTML5 Builder offers an intuitive visual interface for creating CSS3 animations and generates CSS3 code that can be viewed and edited in the Code Editor.

6. The jQuery Mobile UI theming interface in HTML5 Builder allows you to easily create new color schemes for your mobile applications by dragging and dropping colors on to your UI controls. After you have created your new theme, a CSS file is automatically generated that can be used to style a control or entire mobile app to your liking.

7. HTML5 Builder includes HD and 3D dynamic drawing and rendering for enhanced UX.

8. HTML5 Builder makes your apps more interactive with Geolocation Component.

9. HTML5 Builder provides audio and video components which make it easy to embed media in your web applications without requiring the user to install plugins like Flash to view them. Videos and audio clips are rendered directly in the browser, displaying the bowser's native media controls. Use the audio and video components to play movies or audio tracks, develop your own advanced media player with customer skins.

10. Your applications can either be completely self-contained client applications or you can power your apps with dynamic server based content and multi user capabilites then deploy the server component of your app to any PHP-support server in your enterprise, on the web or in the cloud.

11. HTML5 Builder provides Live Preview of your application before you go to production

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