Tuesday, 16 October 2012

10 Ways to get a stress-free salary-hike

The question is not how to change jobs often enough so that you can get a hike in your salary package. The question you should be asking yourself is, now that I’m in this job, how can I plan to get a raise? Plan to get a raise? Yep. That’s my point exactly! For the most part, getting a raise is in your hands.

Of course there will be times in your career, where you will be offered fabulous job opportunities out of the blue, with even more fabulous pay packages. In times like that, you are able to see what a company thinks you are worth and the value they attach to your talent and skill-sets. That is certainly a stress-free raise, but this article will not cover times like that.

When you are in a good job, and the only thing that needs changing is the maximum limit of your salary package, here are some methods you can use to help you achieve that hike.

1. Become more compatible/ friendly with your boss, thereby ensuring a good raise.

2. Don’t beg. Begging is for beggars who don’t have a job. You’ve got one, so don’t do it.

3. Don’t underestimate yourself. Your employers will value you only as much as you value yourself. Even if you are going through a low patch in self-confidence, use your acting skills and portray a calm, collected and confident you.

4. Make sure you are aware of the company’s financial standing. If the company is sinking ship and completely broke, your best salary option may be to just leave rather than to look like a hawk preying on the company when they are at their weakest.

5. Keep a track of the work you do. When it comes time for an appraisal and salary hike request, you’ll be glad you did. Keeping these ensures you can always refer back to them if or when you’re asked what you contribute to the company. Even if you just make or take calls, keep a log of how many you successfully did, how many you did in total, satisfied customers, etc.

6. Find out the market norms for someone with your work experience and your level. If you are a fresher, it’d be pretty pointless to request the salary package of a CEO.

7. If your suggested salary doesn’t fly, have another alternative to offer. This doesn’t mean bargaining like you would at the fish market either.
Ex: “10 dollars?”
“No can do.”
“Okay, 9.5 then?”
That is pointless. Instead offer a different alternative such as: “Then could you do this by the end of next month?”

8. Pick a sensible time to make your salary hike suggestion. When the boss calls in sick from home, that is NOT the right time to ask for one. Similarly, if he or she is rushing out for an important appointment with a client…clearly, that’s not the right time.

9. Don’t make it personal. That just gets on people’s nerves since no one likes to feel inferior. Example: “Well you never appreciate my work. It’s as if you don’t care about little ol’ me.” Instead try asking after your boss has complimented you on your top performance at work.

10. If your boss says the classic ‘not now’ don’t go bitching behind their back to the rest of the team. That will not earn you a raise…not even after a year.

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