Thursday, 11 October 2012

The good and bad picture of iPhone 5

iPhone 5! It’s shiny. It looks yummy! It’s slimmer, sleeker, stronger, faster and taller than iPhone 4S. In sum, it’s a fantastic update of a device that is already very good. Lets talk about the good and bad picture of iPhone 5.

The good picture

1. iPhone 5 is lighter than iPhone 4S (Use of Aluminium)

The biggest change is the use of aluminium as the primary material instead of glass. This means iPhone 5 is sturdier and lighter than iPhone 4S. At the same time, it is also going to be a little less cold (figuratively) to the touch with the aluminum texture feeling smooth and assuring in the hand.

2. Better Hardware, Better Battery Life (A6 Processor, ARM Technology)

The hardware that powers iPhone 5 continues to be the best in its class. Apple is using A6 processor, a new chip, to power the phone. This chip is based on architecture developed by Apple using ARM technology.  ARM technology will give better performance as well as better battery life. 

3. Better Camera

The camera in iPhone 4S is very good. But Apple has improved it in iPhone 5 further, though it continues to sport the 8 megapixel tag. But megapixels don’t matter.

4. Support for 4G

iPhone 5 supports 4G.

The bad picture

1. No innovated software

Apple has not really innovated in terms of software and user interface (UI) in iOS after 2007. iOS 6, which powers iPhone 5, too brings nothing radically new to the table.

2. No innovated user-interface

In terms of user interface (UI), Windows Phone 8 looks to be miles ahead of iOS. Even Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean look better than iOS.

3. Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Apple Maps are no match for Google Maps. This means iPhone 5 is not going to help much for tasks like navigation and finding routes.

4. You won’t be able to charge it with the industry-standard chargers that use microUSB port.

5. iPhone 5 doesn’t support mass-storage mode, the easiest way to manage files on a smartphone or tablet.

6. The screen is not bigger. It is only longer. I don’t think it is going to make much difference when it comes to web browsing or media playback experience. The bigger Android phones are still better for these tasks.

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