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Professional Bulk Email Marketing Services Software Solution

Professional Bulk Email Marketing Services Software Solution

Professional Bulk Email Marketing Services Software Solution is best for small business, medium business and large size business. It is one of the best email marketing software and ranked top in the email marketing software market. It provides best software programs for email marketing. Review of Bulk Email Marketing Software is very nice in the market.

Bulk email software is included in almost all modern bulk mail marketing strategies. Powerful, reliable and fast email marketing solution is always required by direct list managers and mail marketers. Live Software offers you free bulk mailing software. This email marketing software allows performing permission based email marketing campaigns.

The email marketing software offers you:

1. Free bulk email sending software
2. Easy install and use the email software
3. No monthly fees like email services
4. Send bulk email from your PC
5. Bulk email advertising proven technology

Email Marketing Studio

Email Marketing Studio contains free email marketing software for targeted bulk email advertising and bulk email marketing campaigns. Moreover, the software is efficient when build mailing lists at the desktop.

To be successful and effective, each email marketing campaign requires a suite of email marketing software.

Bulk Email Sender is the software that assists to perform targeted email campaigns. The program allows sending email announcements and newsletters.

1. Email messages templates
2. Email message personalization
3. Built-in database to manage lists
4. Easy editing of  HTML messages
5. Supports embedded images and flash

Email Marketing Studio includes the following software:

1. Bulk Mailer - is the best bulk email software on the market. It allows the user to send mass email just in few minutes.
2. Email Verifier - ais the email verification program that allows the user to verify mailing list with just one click.
3. Email Autoresponder - The installation of the software is simple. It allows the user to follow up autoresponders.

"Powerful features and excellent designs of our mass email software will help you to achieve best results. Beat your competitors with reliable email marketing software!"

1. Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mailer is free bulk e-mail software. It is efficiently used for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns as well as to build email lists at your desktop. Bulk Mailer is simple but all-inclusive bulk email program. It is leading bulk emailing software on the market.

2. Email Verifier

Email Verifier  is free program that allows the user to verify email addresses from Text Files, Windows Address Book, External Databases, Excel and Microsoft Outlook Contacts. Email Verifier is a powerful verification tool. The advanced software is designed for powerful users, marketers and administrators to keep their email mailing lists clean.  If you require email software to verify email addresses to determine if they are valid, use Email Verifier

3. Email Verifier Lite

Email Verifier Lite is easy to use, fast and free email program. It is intended to verify email addresses if they are valid and make mailing lists clean. It is a powerful email verification tool for those who often send email messages.

Free bulk email software for effective mass mailing! Get highly comprehensive software to manage your email marketing campaigns.

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