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21 Top and Popular Professional Email Marketing Softwares and Tools

21 Top and Popular Professional Email Marketing Softwares and Tools in Market
This articles provides a detailed list of top and most popular professional email marketing software services and tools. These email marketing softwares provide enhanced software programs for email marketing for small business, medium business and large size businesses. There are various email marketing softwares available in the market. We have picked the best email marketing softwares. Some of these email marketing softwares are free and open source and for some you have to pay.

1. Bulk Email Marketing Software and Solution

Professional Bulk Email Marketing Services Software Solution is best for small business, medium business and large size business. It is one of the best email marketing software and ranked top in the email marketing software market. It provides best software programs for email marketing. Review of Bulk Email Marketing Software is very nice in the market.

Bulk email software is included in almost all modern bulk mail marketing strategies. Powerful, reliable and fast email marketing solution is always required by direct list managers and mail marketers. Live Software offers you free bulk mailing software. This email marketing software allows performing permission based email marketing campaigns.

2. Comm100 Email Marketing Software and Tool

Comm100 provides you with the best email marketing software that offers all the tools needed to implement successful opt-in email marketing programs. Comm100's email marketing software is the best email marketing solution for you to develop and maintain good customer relationships and increase your sales revenue at a very low cost.

3. AWeber Email Marketing Software Solution

AWeber Email Marketing Software claims:

1. Create and send professional email marketing newsletters.
2. Build your list quickly with great looking signup forms.
3. Collect, manage, and send to specific segments of subscribers.
4. Send a sequence of automatically delivered emails.
5. Over 150 templates make it easy to create great-looking emails.
6. Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts.
7. Track the performance of each email you send or an email campaign as a whole.
8. Integrate third party applications with AWeber.
9. Target subscribers based on their actions with a single click.
10. Get more messages delivered to your subscribers with AWeber.

4.  eC-messenger Email Marketing Software

eC-messenger Email Marketing Software claims:

1. Strengthen your customer loyalty by sending regular, targeted, relevant newsletters and email marketing campaigns
2. Increase your sales conversions through follow up mailings
3. Exploit various cross and up sell opportunities via email campaigns and newsletters
4. You will have the option to include coupon offers within an email to drive users to the your website or in store to encourage purchasing behaviour
5. Enhance your brand image and customer loyalty via video mails
6. Via automated and transactional mailings, you are able to maintain and reinforce your customer relationships at critical lifecycle touch points
7. You will be working with one of the biggest email broadcasting senders in Europe, with an expert knowledge of email marketing
8. As independent, international studies prove you will benefit from one of the most powerful email broadcasting solutions in the world
9. eC-messenger send over ten million emails per hour, which means our email marketing software is suitable for all types of companies, large or small.
10. eC-messenger is market leaders in email deliverability due to our strategic partnership with deliverability experts Return Path and our CSA certification
11. Legally you are also on the safe side by using our ASP solution with integrated anti-spam features
12. Any of your existing CRM or eCommerce systems can be easily integrated with email marketing software, eC-messenger
13. The implementation of your tailor-made email broadcasting solution can take just a few days
14. You will be provided with a dedicated personal contact for any questions or advice
15. If you require, eC-messenger can help with the complete campaign management including the send out and reporting
16. According to your needs, eC-messenger consulting experts will support you in optimising your email broadcasting activities further

5. Vertical Response Email Marketing Software

VerticalResponse helps you build relationships with your customers and grow your business. There's no need for technical expertise, and you can send professional emails quickly and easily that get real results.

6. Active Compaign Email Marketing Software

Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. For instance you may have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, have a message automatically sent 24 hours after their subscription and have another mailing sent a week later. Add html or text auto responders to any of your lists with ease.

7. Elite Email Marketing Software

Elite Email Marketing Software's interactive maps show you where people are engaging with your emails. Drill-down to your country. With tons of templates to choose from, you are sure to find the professional design that meets your needs. Newsletters, promotions, coupons, postcards, and more. With Elite Email you can create an unlimited number of list segments, which allows for more targeted sending.

8. MailChimp Email Marketing Software

MailChimp helps you customize your signup form to match your brand, so you can share it on your website and integrate it into your Facebook page. You can even collect signups from an iPad or laptop. And importing an existing list into MailChimp is a snap, no matter how it's formatted.

9. iContact Email Marketing Software

Use 100s of beautiful templates to create effective emails in minutes. No experience required. Designed for small businesses. Access bult-in social media features to easily share your messages and maximize results. Get easy-to-understand tracking and reporting. Enjoy unlimited award-winning support and resources.

10. Benchmark Email Marketing Software

Have something to sell, a cause to promote, a service to provide? You need email marketing to do things right. Create quality, eye-popping emails that work. Save time. Save money. Get your message out to the masses.

11. Awebdesk Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software to send and track beautiful newsletters professionally for yourself or your clients. Features-rich, Socialised, Easy to use & affordable.

12. Atompark Email Marketing Software

AtomPark Software is a leading developer of mass emailing software since 2001, developing high-quality email campaign software: bulk mailers, email address extractors, email verifiers, mailing list managers and other bulk mailing software.

13. Arclab Email Marketing Software

The fast and reliable SMTP bulk email software engine works with any SMTP mailserver and supports all common authentication methods, including SMTP/ESMTP authentication, SSL, StartTLS, Pop before SMTP and IIS Pickup directory mode. The built-in WYSIWYG email message editor can be used to compose personalized rich-text (HTML) email newsletter messages in MIME format with an alternate plain-text part. It can import html files  and inline images, add file attachments and allows the use of an external html editor or an external mailclient. It supports the  use of designed templates in HTML format and includes some templates and layouts, which can be used and modified royalty-free with MailList Controller.

14. eCircle Email Marketing Software

Experience: Over 12 years in the world of professional e-mails
Performance: One of the most powerful shipping solutions with a volume of more than 8 billion emails per quarter
Safety: Maximum deliverability with Delivery Rates 98%
Full service: More than 350 employees are playing eCircle request the complete newsletter management for you
Features: Industry-leading features like social media integration (Facebook, Twitter), multi-channel delivery (e-mail, SMS, fax), automated testing, customer lifecycle program, integrated CMS

15. LISTSERV Email Marketing Software

LISTSERV launched the mailing list industry 25 years ago and remains the gold standard. Continuously developed to meet the latest demands, LISTSERV provides the power and reliability you need to manage all of your opt-in email lists, including email newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups and email communities.

16. Oempro Email Marketing Software

The most popular email marketing software, since 2000! On average 30% of email marketing campaigns are deleted without getting opened. Oempro makes easier to manage your lists, create and send stunning email campaigns and track results. Get the most from your email campaigns.

17. Interspire Email Marketing Software

Interspire email marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops too.

18. e-Campaign Email Marketing Software

Fast, Flexible, & Easy-to-use Email Marketing Software. Mass mailing, HTML email newsletter delivery, and bulk email marketing campaigns - You can accomplish these tasks with ease. e-Campaign email marketing software is an efficient group email and email marketing tool for companies, e-zine publishers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively. With e-Campaign mass mailing software you can design rich HTML emails, newsletters, and e-zines easily, and deliver personalized email messages to your customer base and mailing lists.

19. YMLP Email Marketing Software
  • No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients"
  • Email Newsletter Builder
  • Built-in Editor
  • Upload your own HTML files
  • Send Plain Text Newsletters
  • Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs
  • Sender addresses library
  • Personalize newsletters with "mail merge"
  • Schedule e-mails for a later date and time
  • Include Attachments
  • Send targeted e-mails using filters
20. SendBlaster Email Marketing Software

SendBlaster is the best bulk email software for managing your mailing list. Discover the free solution or the cost effective one, a one-time payment package which allows you to easily manage your email marketing using a desktop bulk email software.

21. Emarketeer Email Marketing Software

Emarketeer email builder makes editing content super easy and our template control ensures maximum email deliverability in all major email programs. Create newsletters that sell and powerful email campaigns with stunning templates, personalization, video in email and complete customization.


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