Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Talent counts more than knowledge in an interview

Facing an interview is more of a talent than knowledge, which can be acquired. While your knowledge, academics, and other qualifications play a major part in the hiring assessment, the appointment is still very much base on the judgment of the interviewer.

Interviewer decides whether to appoint you not only based on your credentials, but also on whether your persona will be healthy in their organisation. Often the interviewer’s go with their gut feelings on who will get the job offer. Try to speak what the interviewer wants to here. Go ahead and analyze the situation yourself before you are sitting in front of him!

During an interview, a highly nasty discussion can be on your previous job. Why are you leaving your present job? How do you evaluate your present organization? What do you think is an ideal working environment? Don’t look panicked when questioned on them. A fine way to deal with the most obvious question on why you are quitting your current job can be made comfortable if twisted to a group reason. Say a reason like, e.g., our department was consolidated or eliminated. This will save you from direct limelight of the issue. Be sure you don’t make stories. Act smart and prepare such answers in advance. Knowing the answer will make you comfortable in the uncomfortable situation also!

Have a positive attitude towards your present job. Don’t look annoyed while describing your previous organization. It can be a style of judgment that the recruiter is using to check your attitude. In reality you could be absolutely heart broken but hold your emotions. Be practical, the man you are talking to is not your girl friend that you can cry over all that went wrong. Take it all in the positive way.

To describe the best working condition according to you is just to know if you are mean for the organization. Don’t say people should be helpful, understanding and reliable. Talk from organization’s point of view. Say would be happy to work in a place where people are treated as fairly as possible. This is telling the recruiter how open you are to deal with tough situations. Interviewers need to be won over. They need to be convinced that you will be able to fix their troubles and help their company achieve its goals. One of the finest ways to answer interview questions is to use your career success stories. Career success stories are account of the crucial instant in your career when you conquered important challenges to succeed. These stories will create unforgettable impression of you.

In particular if you are interviewing for a new field or new job, make connection between your exceptional abilities and associated situations in the new field through the success you have achieved in the past.

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