Monday, 29 October 2012

21 Features and Benefits of SysAid Online Web Based Help Desk Software

21 Features and Benefits of SysAid Online Web Based Help Desk Software

Here is the list of features and benefits of SysAid Online Web Based Help Desk Software

1. Help Desk

Automate the handling of service requests to work faster and more efficiently. You can rely on automatic routing rules, escalation, and priorities to ensure that every service request receives proper attention.

2. Asset Management

Track your hardware and software to maintain a detailed and up-to-date inventory. All networked hardware and software is automatically detected, and detailed notifications keep you informed at all times.

3. Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage and secure your mobile device assets with SysAid MDM! SysAid MDM is integrated into your working ITSM solution, so you can keep all mobile devices as assets in one place with other assets. Enroll any Android or iOS mobile device.

4. Remote Control

Remote machine access from anywhere, with zero configurations, from within a service request, asset, or chat conversation. All sessions are performed via a secure web connection.

5. End-User Web Portal

End users can log in to an intuitive web portal to submit service requests, access their service history, find solutions in the Knowledge Base, and track the status of their service requests.

6. My Desktop

Provide end users access to their desktop computers from any device with an Internet connection, including from all mobile devices. Improve efficiency with this simple, convenient, fully auditable, and secure remote access solution.

7. Knowledge Base

Both end users and administrators can find solutions in a database of common service requests and their resolutions.

8. Mobile Application

Manage your help desk and assets from your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Windows Phone
7. Free application available in app stores for your mobile devices.

9. Reports and Analysis

Pull detailed reports about your assets, help desk workload, satisfaction levels, and service quality to analyze your inventory and performance.

10. Manager IT Dashboard

View real-time, customizable graphs and charts on your IT department's activities: help desk, service quality, inventory, project progress, and more. Run reports, on the fly or scheduled, to monitor your performance.

11. Monitoring

Monitor the vital parameters of your network, system services and processes, incoming and outgoing data rates, SNMP traps, and more. Get instant SMS, email, or service request notifications when action is needed.

12. Password Services

Dramatically reduce help desk calls with SysAid's Password Services solution. Allowing your end users to securely reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without intervention from the IT staff will raise the production of your admins and end users alike.

13. Online Chat

Communicate with your end users through a live chat tool that's fully integrated with your help desk and asset management tools.

14. Calendar and Scheduling

Stay on top of your IT assignments and deadlines in one place. It's integrated with the rest of SysAid so information you add elsewhere is automatically added to your calendar, too.

15. Tasks & Projects

Manage your projects and corresponding tasks, and view their progress in intuitive Gantt charts, to ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule.

16. SLA Management

Create SLAs regarding the speed and quality of service your IT team is expected to provide and get an immediate visual snapshot of how you're meeting your SLAs in a graphical dashboard view.


Build a database of all components in your IT environment and easily track the relationships between them to predict the business impact of any change you make.

18. ITIL Change Management

Plan all change requests, perform risk assessments, predict the business impact of changes, and ensure that all changes go through a chain-of-approval process before execution.

19. ITIL Problem Management

Identify, analyze, and track root problems to prevent future recurrence of incidents. Group service requests into wider problem themes to assist in troubleshooting.

20. API and Advanced Customization

Customize SysAid to meet virtually any need or requirement. Integrate SysAid with third-party applications, write custom scripts, add your own validation rules, and more...the possibilities are limitless!

21. IT Performance Benchmark

Your IT data is automatically converted into statistics and ratios to help you compare your current performance with the past, and even with thousands of other IT departments worldwide.

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