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16 Features and Benefits of Kayako Online Help Desk Software

16 Features and Benefits of Kayako Online Help Desk Software

Here is the list of features and benefits of Kayako Online Help Desk Software

Kayako Fusion is the world's leading multi-channel helpdesk solution that enables organizations to deliver a better customer experience and work more effectively as a team, whatever their size.

Whether over email, support tickets, self-help, live chat or voice, your customers' support history is tracked in one place and can be accessed from anywhere.
Proven, powerful and accessible support tools without the expense or rocket science.

Features and Benefits of Kayako Online Help Desk Software

1. Manage email and tickets, a fully collaborative inbox.

Kayako is your central, collaborative inbox. Import email from your mailboxes, receive tickets through your helpdesk and website.

2. Engage customers with live chat and real-time support.

Turn visitors into customers using geographical visitor monitoring, proactive live chat, screen sharing and click-to-call (VoIP).

3. Save time with email rules and automations.

Focus on customer support while Kayako takes care of the leg-work. Enforce SLAs, workflows and automate common tasks.

4. Stellar self-service with amazing auto-suggest.

Publish a rich knowledgebase and step-by-step troubleshooters. Deliver knowledgebase answers quickly with Kayako's innovative Instant Response System.

5. Measure and improve with reporting and surveys.

Use customer satisfaction surveys and knowledgebase ratings to measure performance and generate reports to identify areas for improvement.

6. An unrivaled helpdesk platform and community.

Rich APIs, a developer network, access to source code and fantastic developer docs and tutorials will help you quickly extend and integrate your helpdesk.

7. Multi-channel customer support. Track all your customer conversations, whatever the medium.

Tickets can be created and updated by email, your website and using the helpdesk. Going beyond tickets, you can engage your customers using live chat and phone, keeping a consolidated support history in the helpdesk.

8. Helpdesk with brains.

Powerful automation tools can help you filter, sort, assign and prioritize incoming requests. Route tickets using email rules, and even train your helpdesk to automatically categorize incoming queries. Use visitor rules to group website visitors based on their location and connect them to the appropriate agents automatically.

9. Deliver a personal experience over the web with live chat and real-time visitor monitoring.

Harness real-time visitor information to prioritize and target prospects. Offer an outstanding customer experience with live chat and automatic routing to connect customers to the right people soonest. Flip between email, tickets, live chat and phone without losing track.

10. Work better as a team with a collaborative inbox.

Collaborate on support tickets more effectively with ticket notes, tags, owners and watchers. Your personal inbox is just a click away, along with your own custom ticket filters and views. Monitor support performance with SLAs and escalation rules. Get more done with ticket macros, always maintaining the personal touch.

11. Offer click-to-call and an outstanding customer experience using your own VoIP service.

Go beyond text and connect a VoIP service to your helpdesk to offer a click-to-call button on your website. Agents can receive and place calls from the helpdesk. When an agent accepts a customer call request, Kayako will load the customer's support history automatically.

12. One-click remote desktop support and screenshot sharing, built right into the helpdesk.

Be there and be hands-on with Kayako OnSite, the remote desktop support tool that connects agents to your customer's desktop in a mouse click. Add visuals to a live chat using instant screengrab sharing and diagnose more effectively and provide quicker solutions.

13. Use ratings, feedback surveys and powerful reporting to measure and improve.

Receive feedback from your best critics using satisfaction surveys. Use customizable Ratings to monitor individual metrics relevant to your organization, and get an overview of helpdesk performance using Kayako's powerful drag-and-drop report builder.

14. Better self-service puts knowledge to work for both customers and agents.

Build a rich knowledgebase and create step-by-step troubleshooters. Relevant knowledgebase articles are automatically suggested to your customers as they type out a query and to your agents as they handle a ticket. Kayako actively encourages your agents to save solutions to the knowledgebase for use later.

15. Tailors to how your organization works and not the other way round.

Your helpdesk is ready to go out-of-the-box, but you'll probably like to tailor the helpdesk to suit your team's needs. Most areas of the helpdesk are customizable, including the ability to add custom fields to collect and validate important information, such as order numbers.

16. Helpdesks that are focused on the customer just as much as the business.

Your customers will find your Kayako helpdesk easy to use and a pleasure to interact with. Manage relationships as well as customers by infusing CRM into your support delivery with detailed customer profiles, avatars and organization groupings for complete and consolidated support histories.

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