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63 Online Web Based Help Desk Softwares and Comparison

List of 63 Online Help Desk Softwares and Comparison

This article gives details of online web based help desk softwares and their companies. We will compare different kinds of online web based help desk softwares here. Here goes the list of top 63 online web based help desk softwares and companies:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a help desk and support ticket solution that operates entirely in the cloud. It supports multi-channel customer service and is a good fit for companies in both the SMB and enterprise space.

2. Sage SalesLogix

Sage SalesLogix is a CRM solution with a strong set of features for customer service and help desk. Midmarket organizations will benefit from support ticket management, service contract management and IT team performance tracking.

3. GreenRope

GreenRope software allows clients to easily track customer interactions and marketing touch points. The web-based system combines marketing and sales force automation into one intuitive interface for small and medium-sized firms.

4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides robust yet highly-flexible contact management. The solution enables agents to efficiently manage schedules, workflow and case management. Management maintains oversight with robust analytics.

5. NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ is a legacy player in the small and midmarket CRM space. Along with strong service and marketing features, NetSuite provides features such as a customer portal and knowledge base for easy case management.

6. Aplicor Cloud Suite 7

A cloud-based solution with multi-channel support features, Aplicor's Cloud Suite 7 is a great solution for SMB help desk operations, with service ticket analysis, escalation and tracking capabilities.

7. SAP - CRM

Whether you’re a mid-market company looking for an on-demand CRM application or a large enterprise that needs a robust, end-to-end client management solution, SAP can meet the unique technology needs of your company.

8. Prophet

Prophet CRM is widely considered the No. 1 CRM system for Outlook. The program is used by more than 15,000 companies worldwide. It provides date- and time-stamped notes, automated follow ups, customizable reports and more.

9. Freshdesk

Freshdesk simplifies customer support by centralizing all customer interactions into a single, affordable, web-based solution. Phone calls, emails, web chats and even social media outreach is fully supported in this solution.

10. PhaseWare Tracker

PhaseWare Tracker is a leader in customer service and support software for small to midmarket operations. Their help desk application helps companies manage service incidents on both the IT operations and internal user sides.

11. SalesAchiever

SalesAchiever specializes in contact management, customer support and sales force automation for the construction industry. The application is available both onsite and online. The software also integrates easily with ERP systems.

12. Web+Center

Web+Center is an extremely affordable Help Desk solution that offers its customers an open database and source code architecture, leading to a highly configurable system that can be customized to each company's needs.

13. Virtual Contact Center by 8x8

This hosted help desk management solution is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses. 8x8 provides comprehensive contact management and multi-channel support, including through email, chat and voice.

14. Help Scout

Help Scout is a web-based, scalable help desk solution that gives small businesses or teams a single email inbox to address customer concerns and engage their audience. Help Scout is the industry's first "invisible help desk".
15. LogicBox for CRM

LogicBox for CRM offers organizations a completely customizable, cloud-based system that is also affordable. LogicBox for CRM is a single, integrated system with customizable modules, databases, notifications and reports.

16. Tour de Force CRM

For organizations seeking a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management suite that will help their team be more efficient and more effective, Tour de Force CRM is a great option to review.

17. Commence CRM

Commence CRM combines feature-rich applications with a friendly, intuitive interface, offering small to mid-sized businesses enterprise-level functionality at a fraction of the cost. Commence has over 25 years in the industry.

18. Consona Knowledge Driven Support

A unique knowledge management solution designed to help support agents resolve issues quickly and efficiently, Consona’s Knowledge Driven Support is the first and only KCSsm-verified system.

19. SmartSupport

Safeharbor is an industry leader when it comes to knowledge management solutions. Their newest offering, SmartSupport, is a scalable SaaS solution that brings together a company's knowledge base and community forums.

20. SoftVu

Specifically designed for the financial services industry, SoftVu’s marketing automation software is used by global brands including Capital One, Chase and Citizens Bank.

21. Spiceworks Free Network Management Software

Spiceworks offers a robust help desk and IT management solution for the small to very large business owners. Features include ticket management, customizable IT dashboard and automated support ticket routing.

22. TechExcel

TechExcel is an IT company that has a help desk management and IT service management software suite, named TechExcel ServiceWise Suite. This affordable, scalable software will help make business processes easier for mid-sized to large companies. Employees will be happier because their productivity will increase and customers will be happier because of the increased support.

23. SunView

Founded in 2003, SunView is dedicated to helping IT organizations better manage their critical virtual and physical infrastructure across the entire enterprise. SunView’s comprehensive, easy-to-use, and simple-to-deploy solution, ChangeGear, is an automated platform that delivers greater visibility into your IT infrastructure, improves system uptime, reduces operational costs, and improves security.

24. FrontRange HEAT

FrontRange Solutions' IT software is geared toward small- and mid-sized businesses. They're known for the HEAT Service Desk application, as well as its GoldMine CRM solution and other IT service management solutions. HEAT Service & Support (the company's flagship product help desk product), is modular and on-premise. Features can be extended through a comprehensive collection of additional services.

25. Epicor Help Desk

Epicor is an award-winning business software solutions company, operating in a number of enterprise software spaces--from ERP to CRM, Epicor offers best-of-breed products. Help desk software is no exception, and Epicor Internet Technology Service Management (ITSM) is a noteworthy service desk solution. Epicor ITSM helps IT departments manage problems and ameliorate services, and focuses on mid-market and enterprise companies.

26. Soffront Help Desk

Soffront is an end-to-end CRM solution provider, in addition to being a help desk and defect tracking solution provider. It has been offering ways for companies to connect to their customers for years, which is why Soffront developed the Customer Help Desk and the Employee Help Desk. Soffront's help desks are ideal for mid-sized businesses who want to increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve productivity throughout the company.

27. ManageEngine

ManageEngine is an enterprise IT Management Software division of ZOHO Corporation. ManageEngine prides itself on being able to offer alternatives to traditional network management frameworks. Its help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus, enables help desk technicians to increase their productivity. It will also reduce IT service costs and make business processes run more smoothly.

28. Numara

Numara is the third largest provider of flexible service management software in the world. They offer several service management software options that will increase overall customer satisfaction, lower costs, manage IT assets, and replace pricey legacy software. Numara takes complexity out of the equation, simplifies help desk processes, and increases service delivery quality. Numara Track-It! and FootPrints products are compatible with companies of all sizes--whether you have one service desk agent or 1,000, Numara can help.

29. PhaseWare

PhaseWare is a customer service and support software application provider. Its solutions are ideal for small and medium businesses. PhaseWare's products will help businesses manage their business processes, save money, and increase overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its flexible solution is affordable and helps companies manage the complete customer service spectrum.

30. Citrix GoToAssist

GoToAssist is Citrix's solution for remote IT support, and it is the only remote-support product line offering two distinct products designed to meet the specific needs of business professionals in a variety of industries. Whether you're an individual support provider, an IT manager, or running a multi-agent support center, GoToAssist's award-winning technology makes remote support easy.

31. Helpdesk Pilot

HelpDesk Pilot's help desk software is intuitive and simple. It is powered by open source technology. The HelpDesk Pilot is an affordable solution that will provide your company's customers with the support and service that they need. It can be installed in one day and will make up for the cost immediately. HelpDesk Pilot is widely used by small and medium enterprises.

32. Help Desk is an enterprise cloud computing and CRM software solutions provider that also offers IT Help Desk support. Salesforce's help desk lets users streamline support operations so companies can provide support 24-7. Companies will save money, time, and get great results with The help desk applications are easy-to-use and set up. Its enterprise help desk applications are ideal for companies of all sizes because they are customizable.

33. SysAid

SysAid Technologies is a leading IT management solutions provider that aims to increase ease and efficiency for companies' IT departments. Its help desk will provide the means for overcoming challenges, increasing productivity, satisfying customers and ensuring that business performance increases. SysAid's help desk is an affordable solution for small to large Fortune 500 companies.

34. BMC Remedy

BMC Software is a leader in Business Service Management, helping IT organizations reduce risks and costs while increasing profits. Their main product, the BMC Remedy Service Desk, is a leading incident and problem management solution in the Help Desk industry. Ideal for medium to large companies, the BMC Remedy Service Desk is the tool that your company needs to manage service disruptions and to automate the incident response process.

35. CA Technologies

CA is one of the largest IT management software providers in the world. Its Unicenter Service Desk is a web-based service desk solution that meets enterprise businesses' needs. CA prides itself on its service desk's ability to meet the most challenging support requirements. The CA Unicenter Service Desk can continually meet your company's needs as it grows, while reducing costs and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

36. Vivantio

Vivantio was the first company to produce a software-as-a-service (SaaS) desk application. The Vivantio system will reduce deployment time, lower costs and help IT professionals manage their department. Vivantio Service Desk is ideal for any organization, small or large. Vivantio promises to deliver a solution that is high-quality, easy to use, customizable and affordable.

37. HelpSTAR

The Help Desk Technology International Corporation is a service management solution company that has been developing desk software since the beginning of help desks, in 1988. Their main product is HelpSTAR. The HelpSTAR service help desk is useful for mid-sized enterprises in a variety of industries. Its technology will help users optimize service delivery and increase client satisfaction.

38. Troppus

Troppus is a relatively new entrant to the IT market.The company was founded in 2009, but its executive team has more than two decades worth of experience in the industry. Troppus' primary goal is to provide help desk support from a modern-age IT perspective, from "a whole new direction." (The company name is a clever tip-off: read it backwards!)

39. Axios

Axios Systems provides a variety of IT management solutions and services through a single product, Axios assyst. The company was the first IT vendor to adopt the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) best practices framework, now a widely accepted global guideline. The company addresses many IT concerns with its single product offering and aids customers with IT consulting, training, and support. Axios attempts to provide simplicity in its services, as opposed to the broad catalog of different enterprise solutions offered by other vendors. The company touts the experience it's had since 1988 and the long-term value it delivers to its customers.

40. Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk is noted as one of the pioneering solutions of the help desk industry. The web-based software was released in 1999 for the Mac, and distribution has since expanded to other operating systems. This marks Web Help Desk as one of the earliest help desk products, and it is also one of the only commercial software packages using WebObjects as a development platform (also used by iTunes and the online Apple Store). The software is developed and supported by MacsDesign Studio LLC, which is based in Fremont, California.

41. EnterpriseWizard Help Desk

EnterpriseWizard is a provider of multiple business management solutions. The company's initial product release was an application designed for help desk and customer support, but the company now has solutions for ITIL, change and asset management, CRM, government compliance, and other automated business tasks. EnterpriseWizard provides multiple functionalities, not through reprogramming, but by allowing completely customized data models. Through this methodology, as opposed to relying on custom coding for each project, EnterpriseWizard tries to keep its software adaptable and easy to maintain and upgrade. The solutions provider uses J2EE as a foundation, and then develops readily deployable applications from it.

42. YellowFish Software

YellowFish Software was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Westport, Connecticut (though, with tongue in cheek, the company claims to have a million year legacy, as well as responsibility for such technological developments as fire, the wheel, the telephone, and sliced bread).

43. Elsinore Technologies

Elsinore Technologies is an enterprise level issue management solutions provider. Its award-winning solutions, including IssueNet Intercept, help companies manage problems, customer support, and inter-departmental communication in addition to a number of other things. Elsinore's solutions are ideal for small, mid-size and enterprise companies.

44. GWI

GWI is a leading provider of Help Desk and Service Desk software solutions. GWI's main product is iSupport, which was designed to help IT desk professionals solve support issues. GWI assures users that their ROI will increase. Its products are feature-rich and will help companies with internal business management.

45. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a web software provider that designed powerful help desk software, named SupportTrio. This help desk solution is sure to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Support services will be expanded and customers will be able to answer their own questions through SupportTrio's knowledge base. ActiveCampaign continuously updates their products and resources making sure that users get the latest information and improvements. Best of all, ActiveCampaign's software is very affordable.

46. Kayako

Kayako is a web-based help desk provider based in Penjab, India, and with an office in Boise, Idaho in the United States. The company has over 30,000 customers worldwide, from small businesses to large enterprises, to government agencies. Kayako operates as an active participant in online networks. In fact, a growing community of developers and communities produces third-party additions for the Kayako help desk suite.

47. Cynergy

Cynergy Software LLC provides web based software solutions. Its affordable service desk solution helps companies cut response times in half and increase customer satisfaction by providing them with the best service possible. It provides a simple solution that pays for itself in no time. Solve troubleshooting and ticket issues with this help desk.

48. eGain

eGain is a software for e-service company that also provides a comprehensive help desk solution. eGain's help desk will improve companies' service levels for all inquiries, including ones by phone, email, or by web. eGain saves businesses costs and increases self-service options for customers, so that business employees can use their time better.

49. Parature

Parature has received several industry awards and has been noted on many company leader lists, including Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, Washington Business Journal's Best Places to Work for three consecutive years, Washingtonian Magazine's Great Places to Work, Software Magazine's Software 500, and the SmartCEO Future 50.

50. Innovative Cyber Solutions

H2desk is a part of Innovative Cyber Solutions, a leading supplier of help desk software solutions. Innovative Cyber Solutions' goal is to help companies enhance their performance, reduce operating costs and streamline support. Customers will be provided with a better user experience. The H2desk allows users to easily control and customize content within their help desk. It is a value-based application that will help companies focus on their core business.

51. ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic, a subsidiary of Quest Software, provides help desk software among a variety of desktop, server, and network management solutions for Microsoft Windows-based systems. The company has won several industry accolades; it has been included in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. for three consecutive years and in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list for two consecutive years. ScriptLogic has over 28,000 customers worldwide of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

52. HelpConnection.NET

HelpConnection.NET is a division of, a software design company. HelpConnection.NET is a help desk and customer support software provider. The site was created to help online businesses, in particular, organize their customer support issues and increase productivity within their business. Its affordable, full service customer support solutions are web-based and accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.

53. Layton Technology

Layton Technology offers two help desk products: HelpBox and ServiceDesk. HelpBox is a web-based help desk solution with quality features, but little complexity. The solution is simple and configurable; it does not require any add-ons or additional modules to function. Because it is a web solution, the application doesn't even need to be installed. HelpBox features are presented upfront, at a straightforward price model.

54. IssueTrak

IssueTrak is a software development firm that created a web-based software program allowing customers to submit requests online. This evolved into the IssueTrak Help Desk solution. IssueTrak's goal is to enhance a company's internal and external customer support, workflow management, and issue tracking. IssueTrak's company values are collaboration, respect, strong relationships, integrity and a commitment to excellence; all of these values come through in IssueTrak's help desk software.

55. SmartPath

SmartPath's lead product, Loc8, includes a help desk service among many other features, like asset management, a system search engine, service level agreement organization, email and SMS communication for employees, system maintenance, and business analytics reports. The web-based product can be accessed through most major web browsers and through mobile devices with the Loc8 Tablet application.

56. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is an international company that provides software services that enable remote access to computers over any internet connection. Their products can be used by individual users or help desk professionals. LogMeIn products are ideal for users who are on the go and need to access the files on their original computer.

57. Omnistar Interactive

Omnistar Interactive is a web based solutions provider. Omnistar Interactive developed its help desk software, Omnistar Live, so users could have an all-in-one, easy to use solution. Businesses can provide ticket support and more with Omnistar's help desk. Omnistar Interactive created Omnistar Live with the customers in mind. Its products are ideal for companies of any size, from small to enterprise.

58. Novo Solutions

Novo Solutions is a web-based customer support and IT management solutions provider. The company is a small business of a dozen employees and has been operating out of Norfolk, Virginia, since 1999. Despite its size, the company provides a variety of business solutions that can be scaled for small organizations or large enterprises. As web-based applications, Novo's products are easily modified to fit most organizational needs.

59. Spiceworks Help Desk

Spiceworks is a system management and help desk software application provider. Use the Spiceworks help desk to manage your company's IT department. Spiceworks lets users increase customer support and reduce complexities. The FREE Spiceworks help desk is ideal for small to medium businesses.

60. PerlDesk

PerlDesk is a leading help desk provider. The company's goal is to provide a flexible and scalable solution that businesses can use to provide high quality service. The PerlDesk help desk saves companies time, money, and reduces hassles. Companies are better able to manage support requests, streamline issues and improve help desk efficiency with the PerlDesk.

61. Minerva Data

Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Australia, Minerva Data provides Cloud Computing Solutions that help organizations focus on their business core and shift the burden of IT to the Cloud. With a focus on enterprise scale IT operations, Minerva Data delivers an ITIL based, enterprise class, full-featured SaaS ITSM solution.

62. eBLVD

eBLVD is a reliable Web 2.0 alternative to complicated, pricey, outdated, labor-intensive solutions. eBLVD is a straightforward, sensible solution that succeeds by providing solid performance, user-driven features, and organizational flexibility.

63. BPMonline

Based on the most advanced process modeling standard, BPMN, BPMonline Service Desk offers the tools you need to streamline your IT and service processes, automate the service desk, and troubleshoot IT service requests faster.

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