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Features of Professional Comm100 Email Marketing Software Solution

Features of Professional Comm100 Email Marketing Software Solution

Here is a detailed list of features and advantages of Professional Comm100 Email Marketing Software Tools and Services.
1. High Delivery Rate & Security

A) High Delivery Rate
Comm100 Email Marketing team maintains good relations with the major ISPs to maximize your inbox delivery rate.
B) No Installation & Zero Maintenance
Comm100 Email Marketing is fully hosted and managed by Comm100. No software to download or install. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work for you.Just sign up, then you can start using Comm100 Email Marketing.
C) Guaranteed Privacy & Security
As a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program, Comm100 is committed to protecting the privacy of your information. We will not view, share, sell, rent, or trade your mailing lists. Read our Privacy Policy .

2. Integration with Other Applications

A) Integration with Comm100 Help Desk
This enables your customers to subscribe for your emails, update their subscription information and review the emails they have received in your help desk.
B) Integration with Comm100 Contact
This enables you to track the navigation behavior and activities of your contacts across multiple communication channels (including live chat, forum, knowledge base, ticket and help desk), so that you can know what they are interested in and provide them with the most to-the-point information.
C) Integration with External Services
Email Marketing API is provided for you to integrate Comm100 Email Marketing with other external services and to simplify the management of your contacts, mailing lists and emails. API Guide

3. Easy-to-Use Email Editing Module

A) Professional Email Templates
Professional email templates in various fields are provided for you to choose.
B) Easy-to-Use WYSIWYG HTML Editor
You can freely personalize your email with your own logo, image, color, etc. No technical skill is required.
C) Your Own HTML Code
You can directly use your own HTML code when editing an email.
D) Email Personalization
You can personalize your email by inserting contacts' user name, first name or other unique information into the subject or body of your email.

4. Mailing List Growth & Management

A) Powerful Subscribe System
Simply customize the subscribe form and add it to your site, then you can collect new subscribers and they will be added into pre-defined mailing list(s).
B) Contact Management
You can add unlimited contacts into the system and view edit as well as flexibly delete the existing contacts. A specific contact can be quickly located by querying with Id, email, status, etc.
C) Easy Import/Export
You can easily import contacts from your local disk and get a statistical report of the import result. You can also export contacts to your local disk with selectable fields (such as email address, name, etc.).
D) Mailing List Merge & Deduplication
You can merge one or more mailing lists into one single mailing list and delete duplicate members in two mailing lists.

E) Block List & Bounce Management
Block list helps you manage blocked email addresses, including non-existent addresses, spam reported addresses and the manually blocked addresses. 
Bounce Management helps you manage the bounced email addresses so that you can keep your mailing lists clean.

5. Professional Email Sending Process

A) Verify Sending Email Address
Email verification is used to ensure your ownership of the sending email address.
B) Send Test Email
You can send a test email to your own email address to see whether it is what you want.
C) Select Mailing Lists
You can select one or more mailing lists to send your email to.
D) Schedule Send Time
You can choose to send out your email immediately or schedule the send time.

6. Comprehensive Report & Analytics

A) View by Email
View how many recipients have opened your email, who have clicked on which links, how many have unsubscribed, how many emails have been bounced, etc.
B) View by Recipient
View how many emails you have sent to a certain recipient, how many emails to this recipient has been opened, etc.
C) View by Autoresponder
View who have opened your autoresponder, who have clicked on which links, etc.
D) View Sent Count
View how many emails in total you have sent through Comm100 Email Marketing.

7. Multiple Language Support

A) Selectable Interface Language
You can select the language of your email header and footer as well as all the interfaces recipients see, including Powered By image, Subscribe page, Forward page and more.
B) Multiple Built-in Languages
Currently 16 language options are provided, including English, Japanese, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, French, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese and Polish
C) More Languages on the Way
More language options are on the way. You are welcome to help us with the translation. Please contact us for translation source materials.
D) Email Content in Any Language
Email content can be created in any language of your choice. Non-Latin char sets including non-UTF-8 encodings and special characters are also supported.

8. Intelligent Autoresponder Function

A) Autoresponder to Subscribers
With autoresponder to subscribers enabled, after someone subscribes for your email newsletter, a series of pre-defined follow-up emails will be sent to them at the time points set by you.
B) Autoresponder to Unsubscribers
With autoresponder to unsubscribers enabled, when someone unsubscribes from your mailing list, an email will be sent to them immediately.

9. Flexible Permission Settings

A) Operator Permission
You can define the permissions of each operator, including Manage Mailing Lists, Schedule/Send Emails, Manage Block List, Manage Bounces and View Reports, etc.

B) Operator Group Permission
You can create multiple operator groups and grant specific permissions to each operator group according to your needs, such as Manage Mailing Lists, Schedule/Send Emails, Manage Block List, Manage Bounces and View Reports, etc.

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