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93 Popular Online Web Based Help Desk Software Solutions in Market

93 Popular Online Web Based Help Desk Software Solutions in Market

This article provides price, features and contact details of popular online web based help desk software solutions in market. It also compares top online web based help desk softwares. Here goes the list.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk - This cloud-based solution offers packages that can appeal to both small and large companies alike. Zendesk features easy setup, zero installation, and the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the help desk’s appearance through custom coding and add-ons. Notable Zendesk users include Twitter, Sony Music, and MSNBC.

Key features include a Web-based interface, a WYSIWYG Editor, SSL encryption, SSO, real-time analytics which can be used to track agent performance, workflows, and rule-based ticket assignments. Zendesk also includes spam filters, Twitter integration, smart phone compatibility, and a full history of every ticket submission.

For the basic starter package, which features email functionality and a help desk, prices start at $9 per month per agent for up to three agents. The mid-priced package, which allows for customization and the creation of a forum-based community, typically costs $29 per agent per month, while the most expensive option, which tacks on analytics and 24-hour technical support, costs $59 per agent per month.

2. Kayoko Fusion

Kayako Fusion - Fusion (formerly known as SupportSuite) is available as a self-hosted and remotely-hosted solution, i.e. the help desk can be hosted on Kayako’s Web servers. Due to the software’s user-friendly interface and pricing, it can work well for small and mid-sized companies. Larger organizations, however, may want to purchase add-on products, such as KayakoMobile for smart phone support and the Branding Fee License to remove Kayako branding from the help desk’s front-end.

Key Fusion features include live chat, automated ticket responses, email management, the ability to create a knowledge base, and project management tools, such as calendars and task scheduling. Article commenting and rating is also available and can be turned on or off at the support team’s discretion.

Fusion is coded in PHP and runs on computers utilizing the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, or Microsoft Windows. Additionally, smart phone support is limited to mobile phones running the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. Fusion can be purchased as a downloadable package for $999, or hosted for $49 per month per seat for the hosted version. In addition to offering Fusion as a single complete solution, Kayoko allows customers to purchase the software in 2 pieces, known as Engage and Resolve. Engage focuses on live chat, click to call, remote desktop access (Kayoko OnSite), and visitor monitoring. Kayoko resolve focuses on ticket management, email integration, mail rules, and workflow. Engage or Resolve can be purchased separately for $599, or $29 per month per seat for the hosted version.

The old pricing model for Support Suite was monthly subscription for the remotely-hosted solution costs $39.95 per month, while an annual subscription costs $399.95. The self-hosted version is priced at a one time only cost of $299.95 with additional upgrades costing $59.95. They still offer maintenance licenses on the old software, however they are not selling new licenses of it. Rather

3. Help Desk Pilot

Help Desk Pilot - This self-hosted PHP based software solution can be installed on any shared hosting provider and features the ability to convert emails into support tickets. Its pricing structure offers a basic option to small companies with low revenues as well more robust options for mid-sized companies.

Key features of Help Desk Pilot include rule-based ticket assignment, automated email responses, multilingual support, RSS feeds, search tools, analytics, and plugin support, which allows for further customization of the help desk’s functionality.

Packages start at $399.95 for the Standard package, which supports up to five agents, and go up to $1,799.95 for the Enterprise package, which features unlimited report customization and support for up to 30 agents. To add a knowledge base to any package, the necessary plug-ins must be purchased, with prices ranging from $99.95 to $149.95 per plug-in.


Hesk - Hesk is a PHP based help desk that is available as a self-hosted or remotely-hosted solution and is typically employed by small to mid-sized companies with tighter budgets.

Key features of Hesk include a Web-based interface that is visible to both customers and support agents, an unlimited knowledge base, spam prevention, automated email responses, and advanced search capabilities. It also features automatic ticket assignments, community voting, analytics, and multilingual support.

The self-hosted version of Hesk, which features Hesk’s branding, is available for free. To remove Hesk branding from the help desk, a license can be purchased for $39.95. The remotely-hosted version of Hesk is available for $19.95 per month and offers companies the freedom from worrying about software installation and additional server maintenance.

5. PerlDesk

PerlDesk - This flexible Perl-based help desk software solution is available as a self-hosted download and a cloud-based solution. It features packages that will appeal to small business owners as well as larger companies that require more robust options and accounts for a large number of staff members.

In order to use the self-hosted version of PerlDesk, you should be running either the Linux or Windows operating systems. Machines running Linux must also install Perl, MySQL, and a web server, such as Apache or IIS. For Windows-based machines, MySQL is required. Companies that purchase the cloud-based version of PerlDesk do not need to worry about installing any additional software.

Key features of PerlDesk include a branded user interface, branded email templates, the ability to fully customize the customer-facing portal, a knowledge base, automatic ticket generation, and analytics. Support staff can also access every function of the help desk through any Internet browser from any location in the world.

A Small Business License for PerlDesk is available for a one time fee of $199.99 and supports up to five staff users. An Enterprise License is available for a one time fee of $499.99 and supports an unlimited number of staff users, while also providing access to the Live Chat feature, which is not included with the Small Business License. Both packages provide access to upgrades and technical support for up to six months. After six months, these services can be purchased for 25% of the original license fee.

6. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - ServiceDesk Plus is a self-hosted solution that works with both Linux and Windows operating systems and the Oracle, SQL, and MySQL databases. Typically employed by larger organizations with higher revenues, all versions of this software support an unlimited number of end-users and allow the purchase of additional staff accounts. Notable ServiceDesk Plus users include Honda, Hallmark, and Intel.

Key ServiceDesk Plus features include a Web-based support portal, a knowledge base, email integration, text message ticket alerts for staff, and the ability to survey clients about their satisfaction with the support team’s service. Additional features include analytics, software license management, and ITIL readiness.

The Standard edition of ServiceDesk Plus, which features help desk management including a knowledge base, staff portal, and reporting, costs $995 for five support staff members and $1,895 for ten support staff members. The Professional edition, which adds asset management, costs $1,495 for five support agents and $2,495 for ten support agents. The Enterprise edition, which is the most robust package of all by offering ITIL readiness, costs $2,995 for five agents and $4,995 for ten agents. ServiceDesk Plus does not charge for software upgrades or ongoing technical support.

Additional help desk software solutions

7. I’m OnCall - I’m OnCall allows for the remote control of both PCs and Macs in order to expedite the support process. This web-based solution does not require the installation of any software on your local machines and has been available from 01 Communique since 2006. To contact a company representative, call  1-800-668-2185 or email

8. 247NetSystems - This cloud-based solution offers a knowledge base, no installation, and a wide range of reports. The company has been creating help desk solutions since 2002 and can be contacted by calling  306-537-4005 or emailing

9. Aegis Help Desk - Aegis offers a knowledge base, asset management, and an ITIL based service management system. This self-hosted system is available from Abacus Systems. For further information, call  +61-3-9576-8700 or email

10. Access Remote PC - Access Remote PC was founded in 2002 and allows users to log into their own computers as well as customers’ computers in order to provide speedy technical support. To find out more about this self-hosted system, email

11. Magnoware DataTrack System - This self-hosted solution offers Web access, a knowledge base, and a rule-based ticketing system. For more information, call Magnoware at  805-703-4214 or email

12. Alloy Navigator Express - Alloy Navigator Express is targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses who need help desk and asset management support. The latest release of this self-hosted help desk was made available on July 19, 2009. To contact a product representative, email or call  973-338-0744.

13. Altman HelpDesk - This cloud-based solution offers streamlined ticket management and compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Altman HelpDesk is sold by Altman Business Solutions, which was founded in 2004. For further information, call  866-866-8731 or use the online contact form to send an email message.

14. Anyplace Control - Anyplace Control gives support staff the ability to remotely control PCs from anywhere at any time. To learn more about this self-hosted system, call  +380-44-544-8645 or email

15. ATAdesk - This cloud-based solution offers issue tracking, a knowledge base, and a user forum. For more information, call 55-11-9194-9384 or email

16. CISS Help Desk System - The CISS Help Desk System features a main help desk with the ability to tack on additional software. This self-hosted system is available from Auratech Software, which was founded in 1997. To find out more, call  +61-7-3112-1961 or email

17. - Online SAAS helpdesk solution offered by Salesorce.

18. nService - This self-hosted help desk features a knowledge base, ticketing history, and Web-based interface. For more information, call  626-675-6791 or email

19. HelpLine - HelpLine offers incident reporting, trend analyses, and automated ticket assignments. This self-hosted software solution is sold by BadgerNT, which was founded over ten years ago. For further information, call  1-800-880-5841 or email

20. Bankoi Helpdesk Software - Bankoi is available as a self-hosted and cloud-based solution, and includes SMS notifications for support agents. To learn more, call 902-999-397 or fill in the online contact form.

21. HelpDesk by bigWebApps - HelpDesk is a cloud-based software solution featuring automated ticket assignments, analytics, and personal branding tools. For more information, call  866-354-8048 or email

22. Razordesk - This self-hosted system is available through Blue Tang Web Systems, which was founded in 2008. To find out more about Razordesk, call 0870-321-2481.

23. Bomgar Secure Remote Support Software - Bomgar was founded in 2003 and offers remote desktop support through a self-hosted system. For additional product details, call  877-826-6427 or submit the online contact form.

24. GoToAssist - This self-hosted system features screen sharing, live chat, and remote desktop control, and is available through Citrix Online. To speak with a sales representative, call  1-800-549-8541 or submit the online contact form.

25. Close Support Help Desk Software - Close Support is a self-hosted software solution featuring a central database and automated email responses. For further information, call  +44-0-844-3579-468 or email

26. CrossTec ResQDesk - ResQDesk offers issue tracking and implements ITIL processes through a self-hosted system. CrossTec was founded in 1996 and sales representatives can be contacted at  800-675-0729 or at

27. Dapper Desk - This self-hosted solution has been providing support agents with a Web based interface, ticket tracking, and a powerful search engine since 2001. To find out more about Dapper Desk, call  904-712-9185 or email

28. DeskPRO - DeskPRO is a self-hosted software solution that features a ticketing system, email integration, and a knowledge base. For more information, email

29. Oxygen Help Desk - This cloud-based solution provides real-time reporting, a self-service portal for customers, and is customizable. Oxygen Help Desk is available from E-Warehouse, which has been in business since 1999. They can be contacted by phone at 0044-845-299-7539 or by email at

30. EasyHelpDeskHosting - EasyHelpDeskHosting offers cloud-based ticket management and a Web based interface. For more information, call  +1-201-432-9394 or email

31. Elementool - Elementool was founded in the year 2000 and offers some of the most popular web-based tools including issue tracking, a knowledge base, and mobile services. To learn more, call  877-425-9961 or email

32. Elsinore IssueNet - Founded in 1995, Elsinore has been providing businesses of all sizes with tools, such as help desks and remote support applications, to better meet their clients’ needs. Their solutions are self-hosted and further information can be obtained by calling  866-866-0034 or emailing

33. HelpDeskSaaS - HelpDeskSaaS is a cloud-based solution that was created in 2010. It allows for rule-based ticket assignments, email template creation, and multilingual support. To find out more, call  +387-30-540-486 or email

34. eStreamDesk - This cloud-based software solution has been offering custom branding, email ticket creation, a simple Web-based interface, and automated responses since 2009. For more information, call 359-828-28863.

35. ExDesk - ExDesk is a remotely hosted service that can be accessed from any Web browser. The system features enhanced security, real-time reporting, rapid deployment, and customizable workflows. ExDesk was founded in 1998. They can be reached at  203-795-5955 and via the online contact form.

36. Expinion - Expinion is a self-hosted solution based on ASP that was founded in 1999. It features instant ticket email notifications, custom ticket fields, ticket assignments, and a search engine. To learn more, call  1-888-407-9346 or email

37. Ferrysoft Help Desk - Ferrysoft Help Desk was founded in 2004 and is a self-hosted support option featuring a Web-based interface, automatic ticket alerts, and a user forum. For further information, email or call  +44-020-7537-0701.

38. FireStarter! Helpdesk - This solution features call logging, resource tracking, and knowledge management. To find out more about this self-hosted solution, call 00353-1-806-3046 or email

39. IssueCentre - IssueCenter has been in business since the year 2000 and provides support agents with ticket management, bug management, and issue tracking. To find out more about the self-hosted and cloud-based options, call  +44-0-333-900-1123 or email

40. Help Desk Software - Help Desk Software is a free PHP-based download that helps companies handle their support calls. To find out more about this software solution, email or call  616-534-4689.

41. FrontPhase - FrontPhase is a cloud-based software solution that requires no software and hardware installation. Its key features include a knowledge base and ticket management system. FrontPhase has been creating online customer service applications since 2001 and they can be contacted by calling  866-842-3376.

42. FrontRange HEAT - HEAT has been providing organizations with customer management solutions for over two decades and features a knowledge base, phone support, and inventory management. To learn more about the HEAT suite of products, call  800-776-7889.

43. Gritware Help Desk Software - This self-hosted product features automated ticket assignments, email alerts, asset management, and PC Inventory. Gritware has been in business since 1998 and can be reached by calling  888-319-3249 or emailing

44. GroupLink HelpDesk - GroupLink HelpDesk is a self-hosted software solution that features a customizable knowledge base, customer satisfaction surveys, and mobile device support. GroupLink has been conducting business since 1996 and can be reached by phone at  801-335-0700 or by email at

45. iSupport - iSupport was founded in 2002 and is available in two self-hosted editions and features incident management, asset management, and workflows. To learn more call  888-494-7638 or submit the online contact form.

46. h2desk - h2desk is available in self-hosted and cloud-based versions. This help desk software solution includes a client portal, automated responses, and comprehensive real-time reporting. To learn more, visit the h2desk website at

47. HelpDesk Pro - HelpDesk Pro is a cloud-based service that features call management tools, call tracking, ticket notifications, and SMS message alerts. HelpDesk Pro was established in 2003. To find out more, email or call  +61-7-3254-2295.

48. SupportDesk CSS - SupportDesk CSS is a self-hosted system that features smart phone support, workflows, financial management, email integration, and a Web front-end. It was officially unveiled in 2009 by House on the Hill Software. To learn more about SupportDesk CSS, call  +44-0161-427-8988 or email

49. iiS Fast Track Help Desk - Fast Track Help Desk provides a self-hosted help desk with invoicing, asset tracking, and call logging functionality. For more information, call 084-299-0406 or email

50. SysAid Help Desk Software and Asset Management - SysAid was founded in 2002 and is available as a cloud-based and self-hosted system. This popular solution offers asset monitoring, a knowledge base, remote device control, and many other features. To find out more about SysAid, call  1-800-686-7047 or email

51. GetAHelpdesk - This cloud-based solution offers a variety of plans ranging from $0 to $60 per month. Key features include spam filtering, ticket tracking, and the ability to create a knowledge base. For more information, call  +46-31-408-020.

52. iScripts SupportDesk - SupportDesk is a self-hosted open source solution that features live chat, remote desktop sharing, a knowledge base, and automated email responses. To learn more, contact iScripts at  1-800-569-5538 or

53. TicketXpert - This self-hosted software solution provides a multilingual online support ticketing system that features workflows and task management tools. For further information, call  +41-0-44-497-5555 or email

54. IssueTrak - IssueTrak has been creating software since 1992. Their self-hosted help desk features project management tools as well as ticket tracking tools and the ability to create workflows. To find our more, call  1-866-IssueTrak or email

55. Laplink RemoteAssist - RemoteAssist gives support technicians the ability to access and fix issues on their clients’ computers. This self-hosted system is available from Laplink, which has been in business since 1983. To learn more about RemoteAssist, call  1-800-LAPLINK.

56. Layton ServiceDesk - ServiceDesk is a self-hosted software solution offering design customization, a Web portal, reporting, and survey tools. Layton was founded in 1997 and they can be contacted by calling  +1-813-319-1390 or emailing

57. Abacus Helpdesk - Abacus Helpdesk is a self-hosted software help desk that includes call management, reporting tools, and invoice handling. To learn more, call  +46-33-10-4770 or email

58. LBE HelpDesk Software - LBE HelpDesk is a self-hosted software solution that features a Web-based interface, email handling, and a ticket audit trail. LBE Software has been in business since 1991 and they can be contacted by calling  +1-216-359-4425.

59. Liberum Help Desk - This self-hosted solution is available for free and can be customized according to a company’s needs. It was created in the year 2000 and more information can be obtained by visiting

60. The Edge HDM - The Edge HDM is a self-hosted help desk featuring automated ticket routing and email handling. The Edge HDM is available from Lumen Software. To learn more, call  866-613-6842 or email

61. Web Help Desk - Web Help Desk is a downloadable application featuring a Web portal, knowledge base management, and issue tracking. For more information, call  1-877-943-0008 or email

62. MetaQuest Census and Triage - MetaQuest has been creating software since 2001. Their self-hosted support solutions, Census and Triage, feature issue tracking, system diagnostic tools, and bug tracking tools. To learn more, call MetaQuest at  770-622-2850.

63. MHelpdesk - This cloud-based help desk features branding, integration with QuickBooks, invoicing tools, and reporting. For more information, call  888-792-5552.

64. Netkeeper Help Desk Captain SQL - This downloadable application features call management, a Web portal, and inventory control tools. For more information, call  800-532-4862.

66. NetHelpDesk - NetHelpDesk includes a Web portal, mobile device support, email ticketing, and is ITIL compatible. To learn more, call  +1-914-612-7148 or email

67. Novo Solutions Help Desk Software - This self-hosted system features call handling, a knowledge base, issue tracking, and a Web portal for customers and support agents. To contact Novo Solutions and learn more about their help desk solutions, call  888-316-4559.

68. Numara Track-It! - Numara Track-It! provides help desk, change, and asset management through a single downloadable application. Numara has been in business since 1991 and can be reached at  800-557-3031.

69. OneOrZero AIMS - OneOrZero combines a help desk, knowledge base, and time manager in a single downloadable application. For further information, email

70. Yazu - Yazu is a cloud-based help desk that features a user-friendly interface, ticket management, a knowledge base, project management, and analytics. To learn more about Yazu, call  +44-20-8789-7046.

71. Oxygen Help Desk - Oxygen is a cloud-based solution that includes call logging, customization options, and a customer self-service portal. To find out more, call +00-44-845-299-7539.

72. Pillar Resolve Help Desk - Resolve is a self-hosted solution that features a Web-based portal, reporting functionality, email notifications, and inventory integration. Resolve is available from Pillar Solutions, which has been in business since 1995. For more information, call 00-44-0-1732-363670 or email

73. Polar Help Desk 5 - This self-hosted help desk offers incident management, email integration, team management, and programmable reports. Polar was founded in 1995 and can be contacted by calling  +385-98-213-398 or emailing

74. PRD HelpMaster - PRD has been providing software support solutions since 1997. HelpMaster is a downloadable support desk that features a Web portal, email response management, and a knowledge base. For further information, call  +61-2-6278-4664.

75. Rave7 Help Desk - This self-hosted solution features case alerts, customization, workflows, and asset management. Rave7 has been operating since 1990 and can be reached at  416-628-1463.

76. QuickIntranet Help Desk - This free self-hosted system was created in 2005 and features call support as well as a standardized database. For more information, call QuickIntranet at  616-334-2337.

77. Rap-X - Rap-X delivers a customizable help desk featuring search tools, email alerts, message filtering, and workflows. To find out more about this self-hosted solution, call  +44-0-20-7830-8307 or email

78. ReadyDesk - ReadyDesk is a downloadable help desk that offers live chat, remote desktop control, a knowledge base, and ticket management tools. To learn more about this self-hosted help desk, email or call  404-605-0347.

79. Performance Desk - Performance Desk is a cloud-based help desk solution featuring issue tracking, messaging, and Twitter integration. Performance Desk is available from Resilient Labs, which has been operating since 2009. They can be contacted at  1-888-406-5248 or

80. ScriptLogic Help Desk - This self-hosted help desk includes call management, ticket tracking, and a knowledge base. For more information, call  1-800-813-6415 or email

81. ServiceTonic - ServiceTonic is a downloadable help desk featuring incident management, email integration, reports, and a customer portal. To learn more about this solution, call  +34-902-006-544.

82. SuperTech Online Help Desk - This cloud-based help desk provides a request log, automated replies, and works with multiple Web browsers. For more information, call 1300-608-652 or email

83. Support Fusion - Support Fusion has been creating online support solutions since 2003. Its cloud-based products feature workflow management, issue tracking, a customizable knowledge base, and much more. To learn more, call  1-800-766-4943 or email

84. TeamSupport - This cloud-based help desk offers ticket management, bug tracking, and a Web portal. For more information, call  800-596-2820.

85. Vision Helpdesk - Vision Helpdesk is available through and features a Web-based interface, spam filtering, and multilingual support. For further information, call 408-9142-635.

86. TOPdesk - TOPdesk offers help desks for companies of all sizes. Their self-hosted solutions feature a Web portal, call logging, incident reporting, and reservations management. TOPdesk Software has been in business since 1993 and can be reached at  +44-208-846-8516 or

87. Troika Resolve IT! Helpdesk - Resolve IT! is a self-hosted system that features issue tracking, request routing, reporting, SLA management. To learn more, call  888-887-6452 or email

88. Ultimate HelpDesk - Ultimate HelpDesk is a cloud-based support desk featuring ticket tracking, email integration, a knowledge base, and multilingual support. For more information, call  902-981-8499 or email

89. Gulfstream Helpdesk - Gulfstream Helpdesk is available as a cloud-based and self-hosted help desk. It features a knowledge base, ticketing system, and email integration. For further information, call  1-888-Gulfway or email

90. VersoSolutions Serio HelpDesk - Serio Helpdesk is a self-hosted solution that was founded in 2004. It features built-in workflows, call logging, event scheduling, and remote desktop control. To learn more, call  +64-21-772-423.

91. Vivantio Helpdesk - Vivantio Helpdesk is available as a self-hosted and cloud-based help desk. This solution includes built-in reports and ticket management. Viviantio was founded in 2003 and can be contacted by phone at  +44-0-1934-424-840 or by email at

92. WonderDesk - This self-hosted solution includes automated emails, ticket notifications, call tracking, and multilingual support. To learn more, call  585-352-4599.
101. WN Help Desk - This shareware self-hosted help desk comes packed with reporting, ticket management, and asset management. To find out more, call  208-798-5357 or email

93. YellowFish Revelation Helpdesk - YellowFish Software was founded in 2001 and their help desk solution, Revelation Helpdesk, is currently available in the cloud and as a download. This solution features a Web portal, ticket management, a knowledge base, and email integration. For more information, call  866-738-3366.

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