Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why Professional Email Marketing Software? Need and Importance

Why Professional Email Marketing Software? Need and Importance

Whether you want to create and send newsletters, marketing materials, customer correspondences or other documents, email marketing software will help you develop a professional and effective campaign—and, it's easy.

This software has a number of creation features that will help you build an attractive email. You can import HTML pages that you've already developed or use one of the email templates to create a new design. You can add pictures, attachments, background images and even sound files to create an impressive email.

Some of the programs will automatically include an unsubscribe/subscribe button and track the number of subscribers and those who choose to unsubscribe. Additionally, the best bulk email software offers other reports that contain information on the number of successful emails, the number of emails that bounce back, the number of opened emails and more.

What to Look for in Email Marketing Software

A good email marketing program makes it easy to setup email lists and create and send marketing emails, newsletters and other bulk emails and track the results of your email campaign. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate email marketing software.

1. Feature Set

Newsletter software should provide a number of practical features that will help you develop and send professional email marketing campaigns.
2. Ease of Installation/Setup

The software should come with clear installation instructions so anyone, regardless of their knowledge of computers, can install and setup the program without errors.
3. Ease of Use

Bulk email software should be easy to navigate with a comprehensive interface so even the computer novice will feel comfortable and confident using the program.
4. Email Creation

It should be easy to create an attractive, professional and effective marketing email with the bulk email software.
5. Reporting

The software should produce a number of valuable reports that will provide statistics pertaining to unsubscribers, the number of emails that are opened, how many “click throughs” the emails generate and more.

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